Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skechers Shape-Ups

Check out the video on Skechers Shape Ups. They really do work!

Avi-Motion Exercise Shoe

Exercise shoes are in vogue. New models are coming out from a number of different manufacturers. One we just received is the Avi-Motion from Avia. And the feed back from our customers has been great. The fit and comfort is very good and the double rocker sole really seems to work the muscles in the legs and buttocks. The other great selling point is the price $84.99 about $15-$20 less than other brands. So if you want to try a pair of the Avi-Motion shoes click on the image below.
The iburn double rocker difference.

Avia Leaf Spring Archrocker™
Technology creates a Double-Rocker Sole.

Negative Heel Engineering

Promotes muscle activation and mimics sand-like walking.

Low density forefoot PU pod

Engages greater muscle activity during toe off that mimics sand-like walking.

Performance AIR MESH

For maximum breathability.

Light Weight

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rock & Tone!

Give your walking regimen an extra boost of energy and fashionable flair with rock&tone! The 1442's cutting-edge rocker bottom tones your muscles and burns extra calories while you walk, and the attractive and stylish synthetic and mesh upper is based on the ever-popular 442 lifestyle shoe. NB's rock&tone shoe helps you get fit and fabulous as you go through your day--you can even feel it working! Click below to check them out.

Here is a review of the shoe from Blogfully:
"I personally enjoyed the Rock and Tone Shoes by New Balance (a bunch). From the second I slipped my foot in each shoe I fell in love. There was a noticeable difference between these and other shoes I’ve worn in the past. The comfort level was remarkable and the arch; the high arch gave me the support I’d been missing from my other brands. I actually didn’t want to take them off at the end of the day. I loved how they made me feel. I loved that my feet felt no aches, no pains and most importantly, no discomfort. Only time will tell on the calorie burning. I intend to use them all the time so I’m hoping to see results in the future. For now, I’ll just go on how I felt on my very first day. It was a great feeling and I can’t wait to see where these shoes will take me."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Skechers Shape Ups!

New Shipment of Womens Skechers Shape Ups has just arrived! In stock in all retail locations and on our website Shop now while selection is still good. It's time to get in shape!

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