Thursday, May 19, 2011

Safety Toes - Choosing the best fit for you

While there are many different work boot types, there are also a variety of different safety toes in those boots. Beyond the traditional steel toe, there are plastic composite toes as well as aluminum and titanium alloys. So what is the difference between all of these different options and which one is best for you? Lets take a look at each one:

Aluminum Toe

The aluminum toe is a type of work boot safety toe and meets and/or exceeds the ASTM standards for compression and impact testing of I-75/C-75. The aluminum toe is important in the workplace because it protects the foot from sharp or heavy objects that might fall onto the foot while at work. While many safety toe shoes are traditionally made with a steel toe, it is beneficial to use aluminum instead of steel because aluminum is lighter. Aluminum also makes it more comfortable to move around in the boot while maintaining necessary safety standards.

Rogan's Shoes models that carry the aluminum toe include:

Men's: Carolina 9508 and 9559, Red Wing 6707
Women's: Skechers 76348

Titanium Toe

Just like the aluminum toe, the titanium is known for providing ASTM rated safety toes, but with a much lighter weight. Timberland has profected the titanium alloy by implementing it into its Titan models (hence the name).

Rogan's Shoes models that carry the titanium toe include:

Men's: Timberland
, 40044, 22082, 26078, 50506, 47019
Women's: Timberland 26388

Composite Toe

Boots featuring a composite toe have an insert that can be comprised of kevlar, carbon fiber, and plastic, making the boot lighter than a typical steel toe. Even though the toe is made with all of these different materials, composite toe styles still do comply with ANSI/ASTM safety requirements. Materials in a composite boot are also non-metallic and non-magnetic. Because of this, workers who frequently pass through metal detectors will do better with a composite toe. Finally, anyone working outdoors during winter may want to consider a composite toe because the plastic material does not retain the cold like a metal steel toe will.

Rogan's Shoes models that carry the composite toe include:

5520, Wolverine 2372 and 3805 (insulated), Timberland 53534, Converse 4777
Women's: Converse C446, Nautilus 1361 and 210

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  1. I like the aluminum toe because it is lighter than other safety shoes. Like other safety shoes it also protects the foot from falling object in the workplace. I personally recommend <a href=">Safety Shoes Philippines</a> for more unique desings.

  2. I like the aluminum toe because it is lighter than other safety shoes. Like other safety shoes it also protects the foot from falling object in the workplace. I personally recommend Safety Shoes Philippines for more unique desings.

  3. Steel toe shoes are also good and protect the foot effectively.

    1. Very true, steel toes are great at protecting as well.

  4. Great tip! I wish I knew this about a year ago! I used to wear my leather riding boots everywhere I went at university and I ended up just ruining them and throwing them out! This year I decided to invest in actual snow boots. But they put such a damper on my daily outfits!!

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  6. Very good range of shoes, i really really like it...
    Last Monday my husband was complaining about his shoes as ha has to be on his feet a good portion of the day, running around the office, in the warehouse and on the loading docks and eventually he had a very deep cut on his feet.
    Than i had bought composite shoes for him after scrolling Walmart, Amazon, workshoecity and many others. Hope it will be calm and take pity on my husband :)

  7. Impressive! Before reading this, I never knew that there are also different types of safety toes that can make a work boot ideal for you. Thanks for this great piece of advice. Though I have found my perfect work boot through the help of reviews made on Work Boot Critic . But, this information is going to help me in the future while selecting the best safety toes for my work schedule.

  8. I think among those three safety boots the best boot is Titanium Toe Boot. Its also very much light boots. That's why I always choose Titanium Toe Boots.

  9. Good selection of titanium and aluminum toes boots. Could you tell us which ones are made in US?

  10. Thanks for the share! I do not see many people talking about aluminium toe boots and I am glad you did.