Friday, November 4, 2011

Reebok Ex O Fit Hi Original Trainer - Mens

The Reebok Ex O Fit Hi Original Trainer, the original Ex O Fit Hi was produce in the 1980’s, is an updated version of the classic shoe with great style and great feel.  The Ex O Fit is great for those looking for an “Old School” hi-top look.  They are also great for, what they were originally made for, aerobics training and athletics such as basketball.  They are also wonderful shoes for those who work on their feet all day, especially those who constantly walk on loose and uneven terrain.  The Reebok Ex O Fit Hi Original Trainers have the best ankle support with a padded sock liner for added comfort.  Being a classic trainer, the shoe offers great lateral stability with a cushioned mid-sole that has a heel clip to really add to the stability of the shoe.  The high abrasion rubber out-sole is great for durability and the out-sole design on the bottom of the shoe offers superior traction.  The full front lacing and Velcro ankle strap really ties the comfort and support of the shoe together, not to mention add to the classic style.  The simple design and all black color will keep everyone’s feet looking fresh, while staying comfortable and supported.  Once you try these shoes you’ll never look for another shoe, some people have been wearing the Reebok Ex O Fit Hi for over 15 years!       

Find the Ex O Fit Hi Original Trainer at a store location near you or on Rogan’s Shoes website.


  1. I'm a guy... no offense, but these shoes are kinda ugly, heavy and bulky. Besides my Adidas and Vans, I prefer wearing Reebok Freestyles.

  2. These aren't on your website. Not easily found anyway. :(

    1. Hi: Elizabeth
      We no longer carry this shoe from Reebok. I believe it is discontinued by Reebok. This post was originally done in 2011. Sorry for the confusion. We appreciate your comments and visit to our blog. Thank you.