Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New to Rogan's Shoes: Women's Nike Free XT Everyday Fit+ Training Shoe

The Women’s Nike Free XT Everyday Fit+ is a new training shoe that would also be, as the name suggests, perfect for everyday wear. The Free XT Everyday shoe uses many of Nike’s technologies including being Nike+ ready so you can track all of your workouts. The mesh upper is incredibly flexible and breathable so your feet stay comfortably cool while you are working out. This shoe is made to provide you with ultimate comfort and support while you are training. 

The Flywire design makes the upper of the shoe ultra-lightweight and wraps around your foot to give you a comfortable, secure fit. The insole molds to your foot to give you a custom fit with excellent support. A lightweight midsole combines with super soft cushioning to give you heel to toe comfort. 

The rubber outsoles of the Nike Free XT Everyday Fit+ have flex grooves that provide you with maximum flexibility. There is also multi-directional traction grooves so you aren’t slipping when training. The different flex and traction grooves allow your feet to move in a natural way, have great flexibility, comfort and support.    

What We Like About This Shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Nike+ Ready
You can purchase the Women's Nike Free XT Everyday Fit+ training shoes online at rogansshoes.com or at a Rogan's Shoes located near you

Friday, February 17, 2012

"Runner's Series" Part 1 - Matching Your Foot Type

When you are looking for a new pair of running shoes it is important to first know what type of foot you have. It is critical to find the right shoe to fit your foot type so your feet aren’t always sore and you can get more out of your run. There are three basic foot types. To check what foot type you are, do what's called the “Wet Test”. First, get the bottom of your foot wet and step on a sidewalk, construction paper or a paper grocery bag. Then match your wet footmark to one of the pictures below.

Pronator/Flat Foot

If you are flat footed your foot will roll inward and flatten excessively (pronates) when your foot strikes the ground increasing stress on the inner part of your foot. A flat foot is generally more flexible meaning it has less stability when running. You may notice the inner part of your shoes wear out quicker if you are flat footed. The proper running shoes if you are flat footed will be a motion control running shoe. A motion control shoe will be less flexible to help limit excessive inward motion and it helps stabilize your foot. The midsole should be firm and made of a denser material. The heel counter should be very firm to offer you even more foot stability. The last should be straight or semi-curved.

Supinator/High Arch

If you have a high arched foot you will notice that your foot is more rigid with weight bearing on the outside of the foot. A high arched foot doesn’t absorb as much shock causing more force to be transmitted up your legs while you are running. You may find that the outer part of your shoes wear out quickest. The proper running shoes for someone with a high arch will have a lot of cushioning to absorb shock. The midsole should be softer and more flexible to provide stability and more cushion. The last should be semi-curved or curved.


If you have a neutral foot you're considered to have a normal foot. The foot pronates when initially bearing weight, but then adjusts to provide stability when pushing off when running. The neutral foot provides a combination of shock absorption and stability at the correct times while you are running. You should find an even wear pattern to your shoes. The proper running shoes for someone with a neutral foot is a stability/neutral running shoe that provides both cushioning and pronation control. The midsole should limit excessive inward movement and provide cushioning. The last should be semi-curved.

In our next post of the "Runner's Series" we will be sharing the different types of running shoes.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moab XCR Waterproof GORE-TEX Hiker from Merrell

If you have ever gone hiking before you know that one key to a successful hiking trip is getting the correct footwear. Start your trek off right with the Men’s Merrell Moab Gore-Tex XCR Hiker. 

Your feet will stay dry with the waterproof leather and mesh upper. As an added waterproof measure, GORE-TEX lining is added to this hiker.  The Moab XCR has an extra breathable mesh lining that is treated with Aegis Antimicrobial solution to help combat foot odor to maintain foot comfort. A bellowed tongue keeps loose debris out of your shoe while you’re out hiking through the woods or on a trail. Synthetic leather toe and heel caps add protection from loose rocks and sticks.

This shoe provides a lot of cushion for those rough hikes! Merrell uses their heel Air Cushion system that helps absorb shock, up to 4 times your body weight upon heel strike. The EVA midsole allows for maximum cushioning and flexibility while you are out on uneven terrain. An Ortholite footbed provides lightweight and long lasting comfort. The Vibram rubber outsole makes it easier for you to conquer any terrain that comes your way.

Why We Like This Shoe
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Maximum Cushion & Shock Absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Aggressive rubber outsole

You can find the Men's Merrell Moab GORE-TEX XCR hiker online at rogansshoes.com or at a Rogan's Shoes store located near you