Thursday, May 31, 2012

Runner’s Series Part 4 – Properly Fit Running Shoes

At this point you have read how to find your foot type, how to match your foot type to the proper shoes and you’ve learned the parts of a running shoe. Now, we are going to help you fit new running shoes to make sure you have the right size and comfort. Below is a list of tips to help ensure your new pair of running shoes will fit properly.
  1. Get fitted at a shoe store. It is very important to have your feet sized by a shoe expert so you know what sizes to look for and what type of shoes to look for. The expert will be able to tell you your foot type and help you narrow your selection.

  2. Try on shoes with socks you will be wearing when you are running. It is important to wear the socks you will be running in so you know exactly how the shoes will feel when you are running. If you wear everyday socks and they are thicker or thinner than the socks you run in, your shoes may feel tighter or looser than when you tried them on.

  3. Try on new pairs of shoes later in the day. You want to try on shoes later in the day because your feet swell as the day goes on. While it takes walking around all day causes your feet to swell, running will cause your feet swell quickly. You want your shoes to fit your feet when they are at their largest to avoid your shoes becoming too tight as you run.

  4. Pick shoes on comfort and fit, not by the size on the box. While the size on the box is a good starting point, not all brands and styles run exactly the same. You may wear a size 9 in your everyday shoes, but you may wear a size 10 in a running shoe. An expert can help guide you as to how a specific brand or style will fit.

  5. Pick a half size larger if necessary. If you feel your normal shoe size seems to be a little small then get a half size larger. It is better to run in a pair of shoes that is slightly too big than too small. There is nothing worse then getting blisters while running because your shoes are too small.

Our next, and final, part of the Runner's Series will give you some tips on how to get the best life out of a pair of your new running shoes and when it's time to replace them.  If you have any other questions or comments in regards of properly fitting running shoes please leave a comment below or email us at

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nike Celso Thong Sandals are Comfy

The Nike Celso Thong Sandal is a sleek and simple sandal great for just about any occasion. The upper straps are made of a fast drying and water resistant neoprene. The neoprene also helps protect against any uncomfortable rubbing that may occur. 
Nike Celso Thong Flip Flop Sandals
Why We're Sole'd on the Nike Celso Thong:
  • The footbed is made of a soft EVA material that forms to your foot giving you customized comfort.
  • Fast drying neoprene material.
  • The rubber outsole has a traction print giving you secure footing on a number of different surfaces you may encounter.

These comfortable and stylish flip flops are great for the pool or beach or for wearing around the house. They come in Mens and Womens and in a variety of different colors. You can find your pair online at or at a Rogan's Shoes located near you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ryka Sport Walker Advance, Made for a Women

Enjoy your daily walk even more with the Ryka Sport Walker Advance walking shoes for women. Ryka makes athletic shoes specifically for women by taking into account a women’s bio-mechanics. Women’s feet are different than men’s. They have a narrower heel and wider forefoot. Women tend shift more weight to the outside of their feet making them overpronate
Ryka Sport Walker Advance
Ryka takes all of these factors into account when they engineer a pair of shoes. The Sport Walker Advance is specifically designed to be a great lightweight walking shoe that maximizes comfort.

Why We're Sole-d on this Shoe:
  • Leather mesh upper offers stability and breathability.
  • An Ortholite insole provides you with ultimate foot-forming comfort. 
  • The RykaRocker Arch is a guidance control bar that helps combat overpronation. 
  • Engineered for a Woman

Experience walking like you never have with the Ryka Sport Walker Advance walking shoe. Head in to one of our store locations near you to get fitted for a pair or go online at and get your pair today!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Men's Summer Shoe Trends for 2012

With June almost here, it is now time to start thinking about Men’s summer footwear. There are a number of different trends for 2012 summer footwear, some being new and some carrying over from years past. Casual wear is the trend for this summer, although there is one dress shoe trend.

Wing-Tip Dress Shoe

Florsheim Lexington Wing-Tip Dress Shoe
For summer 2012 the dress shoe of choice will be a wing-tipped dress shoe. This versatile shoe allows you to wear them with a full suit or with a pair jeans rolled up at the bottom for a casual look. The Florsheim Lexington Wing-Tip dress shoes are an excellent option if you want to wear them to work and then out afterwards for the night without having to change shoes.

Boat Shoes

Sperry Original II Boat Shoe
Boat shoes are great casual shoes for summer time fun. This style was seen last year, but you will see many more guys wearing boat shoes this summer. They are ultra comfortable slip-on shoes great for wearing to the lake when you go boating with friends, hence the name boat shoes. You can also wear them with a polo shirt and khaki shorts if you are attending a dressier occasion. Sperry offers a great selection of boat shoes in different styles and colors to fit all your summertime needs.

White Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor Hi-Top Shoe
A style that never seems to die is the classic Converse All-Stars Chuck Taylor Hi-Top shoes. For 2012, the trend will be white Chuck Taylor's. White goes with anything so you will only need one pair of shoes! You can even wear them when you have to dress up to show your own individual style in any situation.

Canvas Shoes

Reef Soul Canvas Shoe
Canvas shoes are a trend from last summer that will carry over into this summer (click here for our blog post from last summer on canvas shoes.) Canvas shoes are great casual shoes that you can slip on without socks and get where you need to be. Reef's canvas shoes have their own look and style that most seem to like.

Brightly Colored Running Shoes

Asics GEL Noosa Tri 7 Running Shoe
Whether you run or just like the comfort of running shoes for everyday wear, the trend this summer will be running shoes with bright colors. You will see the bright colors trend in many different styles of shoes, but none as prevalent as in running shoes. Running shoes won’t lose any functionality, they will just brighten up your feet! The Asics Noosa Tri 7 running shoes are a great example of the brightly colored running shoes trend.

You can find these shoes, by clicking on links above, and many like them online at You can also get fitted by one of our shoe experts at a Rogan’s Shoes location near you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

K-Swiss Blades: New Running Shoe Technology

K-Swiss has come out with a revolutionary running shoe using their Blade technology. The foam that covers the full length of the shoe is molded into the shape of blades to give you a flexible, cushioned feel.
K-Swiss Blade Technology
Other features of the Blade technology:

Superfoam – Space age, energy returning foam that resists compression giving you maximum cushioning and comfort.
Guideglide – This feature is found in the midsole and it centers the foot from heel to toe ensuring you a more comfortable and stable ride.
Flow Cool System – Enhanced breathability and moisture management keeps your feet cool and dry during your run.
Aosta II – The high density rubber outsole is designed to provide you with a more durable outsole.
Men's Blade Max Stable Running Shoe
The K-Swiss Blade Max is a state of the art stability running shoe with maximum cushioning made to help correct overpronation. The Blade Max has all of the features above along with a few of its own. The supportive upper has an external heel counter giving you the best fit and comfort possible. The Seamfree design of the upper means the Blade Max has no stitching that would result in irritation or rubbing “hot spots.”
Women's Blade Light Jetster Running Shoe
The K-Swiss Blade Light Jetster is a lightweight running shoe that also incorporates the Blade technologies listed above as well as having some of its own features. This ultra light running shoe’s upper is light, yet supportive and is made of synthetic leather and mesh to give you maximum breathability. The Blades are made a little bit smaller to give you a lighter shoe without sacrificing the flexible comfort of the Blade design.

You can find either of the K-Swiss Blade Max Stable or Blade Light running shoes, available in both Men's and Women's sizes, online at or get fitted at a Rogan's Shoes located near you.

Here's a video from K-Swiss highlighting the Blade Max Stable running shoe:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Runner’s Series Part 3 – Parts of a Running Shoe

There are many different parts to a running shoe. This post will focus on the six main parts of a running shoe. When each part is changed, it turns the shoe into one of the five types of running shoes (as discussed in previous blog); Motion Control, Cushion, Stability, Lightweight and Trail. The diagram below shows where each part is located on a running shoe.
Toe Box – The toe box is the front of the shoe where your toes are enclosed. You should be able to wiggle your toes and they shouldn’t be cramped. A rule of “thumb” is there should be a thumbs width between the front of the shoe and your biggest toe, which is about an inch.

Upper – The upper is the outer part of the shoe that encases your foot. The upper can be made of a combination of mesh, synthetic materials and leather. The upper provides you with stability and comfort in a snug, but not tight fit. Depending on your running on activity, the upper material will be made to function to that environment.

Last – The last is the basic shape of the shoe. There are three basic shapes a running shoe can me straight, semi-curved and curved. If you look at the bottom of the shoe and cut it in half from heel to toe, a straight curve will be symmetrical on either side of the shoe. A curved shoe will rather dramatically curve towards the inside of the shoe and a semi-curve is a slight noticeable curve to the inside of the shoe. A straight last is for people with flat feet, a curved last is for those with high arches and a semi-curve is ideal for people with neutral or normal arches.

Midsole – The midsole is a soft, shock absorbing layer located between the upper and the outsole. This is the most important part of the shoe.  Not only does it provide the cushioning and absorbs impact, but the level of material used will cause the shoe to fall into the Cushioned, Stability or Motion Control category. The midsole material is generally made of EVA, lightweight foam that isn’t as stable, or polyurethane which makes the shoe more stable.

Outsole – The outsole is the durable outer part of the sole that makes contact with the ground. The outsole is almost always made out of rubber. The sole design depends on the running activity of the shoe. A trail shoe will have thicker lugs to provide traction on off-road terrain, while a marathon shoe will have a smoother bottom for asphalt traction. Many running shoes have flex grooves that give the shoe more flexibility and bend with the natural motion of the foot. The outsole also helps absorb some of the initial shock when the foot strikes the ground.  

Heel Counter – The heel counter is the part of the shoe that keeps your heel in place and offers more stability for your foot. The heel counter is especially important if your heel strikes first when running because you want your heel to stay in place and it can also help absorb some initial shock. Heel counters come in different degrees of stability with the most stable being an external support on the outer part of the heel.

Please leave a comment below or head to if you have any questions or need more information.

Watch for the fourth part of the “Runner’s Series” which will focus on how to properly fit a new pair of running shoes.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Women's Crocs Florence Slide Sandals

The Women’s Florence slide sandal from Crocs is a great summer sandal that incorporates Croc’s lightweight design including the textured, massaging footbed that is found in their famous clogs. Croc’s Croslite material that is used in all of their footwear is found in these sandals.  Some of features of the Croslite material is that it is soft, lightweight, odor and slip resistant.
Crocs Florence Slide Sandal

Why We're Sole-d on this Sandal:
  • The dual straps give your feet a secure and comfortable fit.
  • The ergonomic footbed keeps your feet feeling great if you are on them all day.
  • The Croslite outsole is lightweight and gives you traction on all surfaces.
  • These slide sandals are great for casual and recreational wear while you are on the boat, at the beach or you wear them for gardening.
Bottom of Crocs Florence
You can find the Women’s Crocs Florence sandals online at or you can try them on at a Rogan's Shoes location near you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5K Update - The Actual 5K

I have been writing about all this training for a 5K I am supposedly doing, but I’ve never mentioned when and where I’ll be running a 5K. Well, I am still in the process of figuring that out. I know what 5k I want to run in, it’s The Color Run. The Color Run is not a race, it’s a run for everyone to enjoy and laugh while getting splashed with color along the way. The Color Run is not only a really fun 5K they have a Color Festival after each run and they help benefit a charity or charities in the area of the city a Color Run is taking place.
5 Spots to get Colored
There happens to be a Color Run in Racine, WI, which is close to me, but unfortunately I am unable to make it that weekend. The two I would really like to participate in are the Minnesota or Chicago Color Runs. The problem with these two is they are sold out. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they add spots to either of these runs.  If they do, I will be signing up without hesitation. I am considering taking a summer vacation that would allow me to run in one of the many Color Runs around the United States. Boston, New Orleans and Las Vegas top my possible destinations for a vacation/Color Run.
Too Much Fun?
I encourage everyone to get out and run in or volunteer at a Color Run and I’ll post if and when I will be running The Color Run!

Here's a video from The Color Run to show what the hype is all about: