Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Arrival: Girls Mia Sadie Dress Sandals

Mia Sadie Sandals

Mia Sadie Dress Sandals
What do you think of these girls sandals? Did you know that these are currently one of top selling shoes! With adorable flower accents and multi-colored rope wedge bottom on a leather synthetic construction will create an image of summer sunshine. A buckle closure ensures a more secure fit with a 2 inch heel height.

These bright sandals can be paired with cute little summer dress or just with shorts. Whatever your little girl is feeling it will for sure be able to be paired nicely with these sandals!  Let your girl’s inner happiness shine through with Mia Sadie Girls’ Dress Sandals.

Let your little girl feel like a grown up when she is able to wear wedge sandals just like you! Afraid your little girl might hurt herself? Don't forget to check out all of the other sandals we have to offer for your little princess!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Winner to our "Win a Pair of Sandals of Your Choice" Facebook Contest!

We would like to send out a big Congratulations to Ron M. for winning our latest Facebook contest! He is now the lucky winner to a brand NEW pair of sandals of his choice! He was the winner with 116 entries! Holy cow!! Thank you for getting so involved Ron! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone else that took the time to get involved! Please keep an eye out for another Facebook contest that will be happening in the near future!

Still want to get a pair of sandals? Check out our website for all of the amazing brands we have to offer!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Choose the Right Track Spikes!

When it comes to running track the most important factor is making sure you have the right track spikes. The proper track shoe can be the difference between a better performance to preventing an injury.

Track spikes are designed for many different events such as sprinting, middle distance, distance, jumping, steeplechase and field events. All of these events need a spike that will help you out perform your competitiors!

Below are some helpful steps to consider when purchasing your track spikes!

Step 1: Before purchasing your track spikes, make sure you know exactly what event you will be running in order to avoid injury. This will also help in case your coach does not allow spikes or you happen to get placed into a different event then you were expecting.

Types of Track Spikes
Pyramid Spikes- Less aggressive on the flooring. These won't wear down as fast and have a good bounce. These are for cross country runners typically.
Needle Spikes- These generate great traction. Used on all-weather tracks.
Christmas Tree (Omni-Lite) Spikes- These are a mix between bounce (pyramid) and grip (needle). Sprinters like the combination of bounce and traction.
Tartan Spikes- These are dull needle spikes that are used for rubber tracks only.

Step 2: Visit Rogan's to look at all the different types of track shoes we have to offer. Ask any of our staff members if you have questions about which shoe will work best with your type of running.

Check out some of our track shoes:

Mens Adidas Arriba 2 M Track Spike Running Shoes

Mens Nike Zoom Rival S 6 Track Spike Running Shoes

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Arrival: Reebok Dmx Sky Run Women's Running Shoes

Reebok Dmx Sky Run Running Shoes
Our top pick for the week is the new Reebok Dmx Sky Run women's running shoes. Take your workout to a new level. These shoes feature a unique carbon rubber outsole that provides optimal traction and durability no matter the surface. This shoe was designed for added mobility for extreme, long-lasting comfort.

It has two-dimensional mesh that gives great ventilation for your feet to breathe. These make the perfect shoes to exercise in!

These shoes make your feet feel so cushioned that you can crush any workout. Walk in ease with a bounce in your step in these supportive shoes.

They make you feel stable yet moveable. If you don't want heavy shoes feeling like weights, then this perfect combination of structure yet freedom are for you!

Check them out on our website! We have free shipping, free exchanges and have a low price guarantee! Call 1-800-976-4267 with any questions.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Having trouble pairing shoes with an outfit?

Women's Life Stride Montage Flat

Check out these adorable peep toe flats! A little skin goes a long way! Pair these Women's Life Stride Montage Flat with any pants! These flats also will go well with any skirt, knee-length and lower! However, if you feel like you need to wear tights make sure to go with an opaque pair! They will not be as noticeable and will blend better when you are showing off your toes!

Women's Bandolino Genie Flat

Evoke your inner Audrey or Jackie by pairing these adorable Women's Bandolino Genie Flats with straight or skinny jeans! With these rounded flats don't be afraid to show a little leg, so you don't look stumpy! These flats can be paired nicely with a knee-length or higher skirt! Still afraid of showing too much skin? Don't be afraid to wear any type of tights with these adorable flats!

Women's Mia Eloisa Sandals

Having trouble pairing strappy sandals with outfits? Well you are in luck! These sassy Women's Mia Eloisa Sandals set off ankle leg pants nicely, however, they will look beautiful with any type of pant too! Need a dash of easy breezy cool? Pair these sandals with a maxi skirt, an a-line skirt or with a any mini (after hours, of course!) skirt! If you feel like you need tights to cover any imperfections make sure you wear opaque! 

Want to look at what other fun and sassy shoes we have to offer? Check out or website or feel free to call our toll free number with any questions at 1-800-976-4267!

What do you pair with your favorite shoes? Let us know!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Arrival: Reebok ZigMaze II Running Shoes

Our new arrival Reebok ZigMaze II Men's Running Shoes are unlike any other traditional shoe. Counter those lazy days with these!

This sneaker features a synthetic upper with a low-cut design for easy mobility with speed lacing system for convenience.  IMEVA midsole for cushion. The unique ZigTech sole provides responsive cushioning for performance running or training. Forefoot flex grooves for flexibility and multi-surface outsole for added traction.

The use primary colors- red, blue and yellow showcase a fun, unique pattern and have the WOW factor! If you want to make a statement then these are for you!

Like these? Take a look at them online on our website!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Golfing Shoe Tips

Here's a little background about golf before you learn some golf shoe tips:

Golf is a precision club and ball sport in which golfers use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course using the fewest number of strokes. The game is played on a golf course, generally consisting of an arranged progression of either 9 or 18 "holes".

Good form, in golf, means more than how your swing’s working. It also means you understand the look and feel  of the game.

1. Wear proper golf shoes – not running shoes, or sandals! Just about every country club has switched from metal spikes to require soft spikes. Bring a pair of street shoes. You may be having lunch or a drink in the clubhouse afterwards. Change into your golf shoes in the locker room, not at your car in the parking lot.

2. Keep your leather golf shoes in good condition for proper golf shoe care. Treat with polish or silicone spray. Use shoe trees to hold shape during storage.

3. Remember that golf spikes come in two tread sizes. When replacing your golf shoe spikes, remove a spike and bring it with you when shopping for new golf spikes for comparison. It will save you time and trouble.

4. The shoes you're wearing when playing may not make a difference in how well you score, but they can help you keep your feet firmly on the ground when swinging at the ball. So make sure you are wearing the proper shoes!

5. Shoes without spikes work just as well and some say they are actually more comfortable. Most people prefer to wear the spiked shoes because it keeps traction when swinging and prevents losing footing. 

So, next time you go to play golf, wear the proper apparel as all golfers should! The shoes are the most important part of the outfit... according to us!

Mens Nike Heritage Golf Shoes

Womens Nike Air Rival Golf Shoes

Friday, May 10, 2013

Make Mother's Day Special!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and you know what that means! It is time for you to pick up a special gift for your Mom! Is your mother the type of mother that likes gardening or the type that likes a spa day or what about the type that loves a nice pair a shoes! Well don't get us wrong having a day to buy all the flowers or having a day at the spa does sound pretty fantastic! However, why not skip the usual and spring for something different! Here at Rogan's Shoes we have so many different brands and styles of sandals that could fit any Mother out there! Here are some of our picks that your mother might like!!

Clarks Kyna Smart Sandals

Clarks Kyna Smart Sandals are a new sandal Rogan's has to offer. These are a smaller wedge and it has Active Air footbed that ensures all-day cushioned comfort. These are for sure to add a statement to any of your mother's outfits! 

Womens Born Inya Sandals

Born Inya Sandals are another awesome new comfortable sandals that Rogan's has to offer. These are a little more casual but they are able to go with any outfit that your mother could want! Plus Born shoes are said to be one of the most comfortable brands that we have to offer!!

Clarks Millie Flair Sandals

Clarks Millie Flair Sandals  are a bright fun sandal that will for sure make a statement for your mother! These Clark sandals are super comfortable just like the ones above! However, with these sandals they will bring a splash of color in every step for your mother! She defiantly deserves that!

Womens Born Minda Sandal

Welcome the warm weather in these flashy Womens Born Minda Sandals! These sandals are made with patent leather, which means your mother could use these stylish sandals to dress up an outfit! These are also a very good show if your mother likes comfort when it comes to her shoes because these are defiantly all about comfort!!

Don't see something that your mother would like? Well don't be afraid to check out our website with all of the different sandals that will for sure bring excitement to your mother!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mother's out there! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Step into summer with a FREE pair of sandals!

Today we are launching our new Summer sandal contest on the Rogan's Shoes Facebook page!

What will the prize be?
One lucky winner will get to pick out a pair of sandals of their choice for free! Everyone loves free!

Want to know how to enter?

1: Go to our Facebook page or click on this link (it will take you right to the contest!)

2: Click on our contest tab at the top of the page next to our Photos and Likes

3: If you haven't liked our Facebook page, make sure you like us because otherwise you can't enter!!

4: Read all the details

5: Enter your name and email

6: Have your friends and family enter through the link that is given after submission for your chance to get 5 more entries in!

7: You get more entries when your friends and family enter too! So tell them all to enter so you can win!

Ready, Set, GO enter!
Contest Time frame: May 8th, 2013 at 2:30pm CST to May 22nd, 2013 at 11:59pm CST!
Have fun and the winner will be announced at the end of the contest through email!! Good luck!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Make Hiking Fun for Your Kids!

With Spring and Summer, nice weather means more outdoor adventures. Get on your hiking shoes and enjoy nature! Make it a family fun adventure. Your kids can have fun too if you do it right.

Motivation: If you are an outdoor, active person and want to take your children on your adventures, then first identify how to make hiking enjoyable for your child. How do you motivate your kids?

Hiking is all about enjoying yourself and for your kids, to make them remember hiking as a rewarding, fun experience so that they will want to keep wanting to go hiking. Like most activities that we love and want our kids to love too, how you deliver the experience for them will determine whether they become a fan or not.

Pick a kid-friendly destination that entices kids with great views. Hiking to a lake to go swimming could make the hike even more fun.

Hike at a Kid-Friendly Pace:
Children have trouble focusing and are distracted by many elements around them. A hike that takes adults a few hours to hike may take an entire day as a family. Parents may need to keep encouraging kids for example by saying, "Keep going. There is an awesome cave ahead!"

Keep the hike at an easy level so they don't get discouraged after a short time. Giving piggy backs or shoulder rides help keep the walk fun and gives them a break.

Bring a Friend:
As the challenge of the trail starts to build, kids will need some added inspiration.  One way to do this is to invite a friend for your child. Another way is to play games. Some include I Spy; or find the coolest rock, flower or leaf. Bring binoculars to have your child find birds or see far away sights. If it's hickory-nut season, see who can find the most! Find walking sticks for everyone too.

Bring Food and Water:
Have easy-to-snack-on trail food on the hike such as trail mix, energy bars, or dried fruit. Save a good lunch for your destination spot and keep a few treats for the low energy/ need-some-motivation spots. Let them carry their own backpack with some toys or snacks and a water bottle. Food and hydration are key to a successful hike for everyone.

Wear Good Hiking Shoes
It's important that everyone has good hiking shoes that fit well. Since you'll be on your feet for a few hours or more, there is nothing worse than feet that hurt during mid-way through the walk. Your child may become frustrated and want to go back or quit if their feet are hurting.

So with these tips, go ahead, plan an enjoyable hike for your entire family!