Friday, May 27, 2016

Trendy, Versatile Footwear Styles for the Summer

Ladies, we all can agree that looking good for the summer is a priority, but being comfortable while doing it ranks right up there too. Nobody wants their outfit to be ruined by an uncomfortable pair of shoes. That is exactly why it is important to invest in shoes that will have your feet feeling just as good as they look.

We are here to provide you with 5 summery styles that will add comfort and a ‘where did you get those shoes?!’ style to your wardrobe.

1) Crocs Sanrah Beveled Wedge 

Find a sleek, comfortable look that is perfect for practically all occasions with the Crocs Sanrah. This sandal features a chic metallic detailing, a slightly raised wedge heel and a soothing massage-pod footbed. Pair the Sanrah with anything from a casual pair of jean shorts to stroll around town in to your favorite little black dress for a night out with the girls. This sandal is sure to be one of your go-to’s with it’s neutral style and feel-good wear.

2) Aerosoles Plush Around Sandals

Summer is the season for weddings, backyard barbecues and family brunches. The Aersoles Plush Around Sandal will be there to accompany your feet every step of the way through these many adventures. With its cozy, plush footbed and adjustable straps providing a personalized fit, this sandal is sure to become that comfortable wedge you have been searching for. Pair this sandal with a flowy sundress or dress capris to give your outfit the perfect, feminine finishing touch.

3) Keds Champion Eyelit Life Style Shoes -

You can’t go wrong with a pair of  Keds. The Keds Champion Eyelit Life Style Shoes provide the awesome combination of classic comfort and soft, chic style. The white, eyelit upper gives your feet a bright and clean look that is a must for the summer. And the best part about these kicks? Once the white starts getting a little dirty, throw them in the wash and they will look as good as new! Pair these sneakers with jean shorts and a crisp, white tee to get an everyday summer look.

4) Jellypop Tribute Wedge Sandals

Offering a natural boho look with a feel-good fit, the Jellypop Tribute will work to provide you feet with everyday comfort and style. This wedge sandal is a great footwear option for nights out when you want a confident lift, but still want to be stable and able to walk around without limping in pain. Pair with some skinny jeans and a colorful, flowy tank and get ready to turn some heads.

5) Skecher Rumbler Sci Fi Sandals

The two best words to describe these sandals? Comfortable and comfortable. Skecher's truly takes comfort to the next level in this Rumbler Sci Fi Sandal. Its memory foam insole will keep your feet
feeling cushioned and energized while a strappy upper will have you looking flirty and fabulous. Pair this Skecher with a party dress, sparkly jewelry and a summer up-do and head over to your favorite fancy restaurant and spend your evening splurging on red wine and a delicious cuisine.

We hope you find some of our stylish yet comfortable footwear options helpful! Remember, you can look good and feel good at the same time this summer!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

10 Tips For Keeping Your Shoes Feeling Fresh & Clean

Everybody has been are sitting in class, at work or wherever you may be and you catch a whiff of the distinct, not overly pleasant smell of feet. The scent just doesn't seem to go away, so you look down at your trusty old pair of shoes that you have barely taken off of your feet over the last month and realize the scent is coming from you. You love this pair of shoes and the thought of throwing them away brings a tear to you eye, but what are you going to do to get rid of this smell?

Well it's time to wipe that tear away because we are here to provide you with 10 tips for keeping this favorite pair of shoes of yours feeling fresh and clean.

Tip 1: Give them space
 and let them breathe

Just like humans, shoes need their personal space to breathe. Shoving them into a dark, musty, tightly packed closet isn't exactly giving them their proper space. Try letting them air out for a while on the porch, by an open window, or even in the hallway before putting them away.

Tip 2: Don't wear the same pair 
of shoes over and over again

Separation anxiety with a pair of shoes is a thing...we think? We know it's hard, but you need to give your shoes a break. Try to avoid having that 1 pair of shoes you wear almost every day of the week. Getting in the habit of wearing the same shoes all of the time will make them real smelly, real quick.

Tip 3: Stick 'em in the freezer

Freeze your shoes? What? It may sound strange but putting your stench producers in a plastic bag that seals and throwing them in the freezer for a while will help to kill the bacteria causing odor.

Tip 4: Wear socks!
Socks create a layer between your foot and the shoe. Your socks absorb most of the moisture that's created throughout the day, so wear them! There are high socks, low socks, red socks, blue get it, there are all different kinds of socks, so pick a pair out and put them on.

Tip 5: Give your shoes a bath

If something is smelly and dirty you give it a bath, and yes, that goes for your shoes too. A lot of shoes do happen to be washable, but check out the label or call the shoe provider first just to make sure. Then all you have to do is tie them up in a pillowcase and throw them in the washing machine. When they are done with their bath let them air dry completely before wearing them again.

Tip 6: A dash of baking soda

Baking soda is an odor subsider/eliminator. Sprinkle some into your shoes after wear and shake them out before you put them on next. This takes about 3 seconds and should make a huge difference.

Tip 7: A spritz of alcohol 
and essential oils 

Pour vodka (plain) or rubbing alcohol into a spritzer bottle and combine it with a couple of drops of essential oils (lavender or lemon) and spritz a couple of sprays onto each insole. The alcohol will work to kill the smelly little bacteria and the essential oils will give you shoe fresh scent.

Tip 8: Replace your insoles

Your insoles are what locks up all of your foot sweat and generates
 the not too pleasant smell that is enough to take your breath away.
Throw them out and get some new ones.

Tip 9: Swap socks
 for dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are great for the ladies who aren't
big fans of wearing no-show socks with heels and flats. All you have to do is place a dryer sheet on the the footbed of your shoe before putting in on and it will help to absorb some moisture and keep your feet smelling fresh through the day. The best part of dryer sheets is that you won't even be able to tell that they're there.

Tip 10: Orange peels

Put some orange peels in your shoes after wear to help remove odor and give your shoes a fresh, citrus scent. Orange you glad your shoes don't smell so awful anymore? Yeah, we are too.

We hope you find these 10 tips helpful in solving all of your smelly shoe issues, and if they happen to not do them any justice, it might just be time to buy yourself a new pair!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Vacation Footwear “Must-Haves!”

Picture this. You get to your perfect resort, with the perfect customer service, an absolutely perfect room and a perfect pool with an even more perfect view of the ocean and you look down and *GASP* your shoes missed the memo! Everything about your vacation is perfect except your shoes are holding you back.
Don’t let this wardrobe malfunction ruin your summer vacation!
Whether you need the right shoe for long walks on the beach or a casual shoe for your kids or a pair to wear for a night out with your man… we have the shoes for every occasion!
Here are six shoes that we think will be the perfect additions on your long awaited summer vacation!
  1. Skechers Synergy Sport Running Shoe (Women’s)- Isn’t it just the worst when you’re constantly taking your shoes on and off and you have to worry about untying them or you keep stepping on the back heel? Well these shoes solve all your problems. With the easy slip on convenience of this shoe, you won’t have to bother with laces or a high back that will get in your way. Skechers uses memory foam to provide the extra comfort you need, especially if you’re touring new cities or visiting amusement parks! You will definitely not want to forget these when packing up your suitcase!!
Skechers Synergy Sports Running ShoeSkechers Synergy Sports Running ShoeSkechers Synergy Sports Running Shoe
   2.  Asics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe (Men’s)- You’ve been working out, and might we add very hard, for your beach bod (which looks great, by the way!) so you don’t just want to stop all your hard work once you actually make it to the beach! With these running shoes, you will have comfort and style, as well as durability throughout many elements. Your feet will stay cool and be able to breathe even in the warmest of temperatures! Added plus is you can use them for running even when you’re not on vacation!

Asics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running ShoeAsics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running ShoeAsics-Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

   3. BareTraps Maleah Sandal (Women’s)- You can’t go on vacation and NOT go out to a fancy dinner at least once! These strappy sandals are the trend of the summer. The thick platform helps to keep your feet feeling good even after a long day of walking. One positive is that they are a very neutral color so you can get creative with which outfit you pair them with! Make a statement and always remember your gladiator sandals!

BareTraps Maleah SandalBareTraps Maleah SandalBareTraps Maleah Sandal

  4.  Rockport 1/4 Strap Sandal (Men’s)-These lightweight shoes are a staple for any vacation. Easy to slide on when heading to the beach or pool and comfortable the whole day long.  The sole of the shoe is memory foam, which creates the perfect relaxing shoe for a relaxing vacation. Don’t forget to throw these on before you board the plane to the most memorable vacation of your life!

Rockport 1/4 Strap SandalRockport 1/4 Strap SandalRockport 1/4 Strap Sandal
5. And Don’t Forget Shoes for Your Little Ones!! For your little girl, here is Adidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ Sandal. Because this is open toe, it offers maximum breathability when walking along the beach. What a cute shoe and you can pair it with so many outfits! This shoe comes in two colors: black, white and pink or pink and yellow! Find a color that fits your little girl right here! For you little boy, check out these awesome Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal that are water-resistant! This allows your adventurer to be able to run into the water and he won’t hurt himself if he steps on a seashell! Also great for sliding on and off so you don’t have to waste time with laces!

Adidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ SandalAdidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ SandalAdidas Flexigirl Sc Plus XJ Sandal

 Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal  Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal  Skechers Relix Outdoor Sandal

As always, these are just our choices for great shoes for a summer vacation! If you don’t see a style or color that fits you, check out more at our website! Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or concerns!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Celebrating Mother's Day on a Budget

Mother's Day is coming up. You've waited until the last minute to pick up a gift for her...what a surprise. You're in a pinch, you have about $15 to your name and you don't even know where to start. Mom deserves the world but you can only afford a cheap candle, and that might even be stretching it.

Well, we have good news. First of all, we have all been there. Second of all, we are here to provide you with 7 ideas for celebrating Mother's Day successfully while on a budget.

1) Craft Time!

Mom's love gifts that are handmade and
personal. Handmade gifts show that you actually took time and creativity to think of something that would be meaningful to her. Whether it be a decorated picture frame, hand-painted coffee mug or a personally designed flower pot, mom is sure to love it. 

2) Flowers

Mom's love flowers. We are pretty sure that if there was a mom handbook that would be written down in it. A small bouquet of beautiful flowers is guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

3) Breakfast In Bed

Is there one person in this entire world who wouldn't enjoy breakfast in bed? Probably not. With that being, eggs, muffins, fresh fruit and orange juice all being served to mom while she is enjoying the comfort of her bed will be sure to start her special day off on the perfect note.

4) Clean-up, Clean-up

Mom has been cleaning up after you for a majority of your life, it's time for you show her you appreciate it. Mother's Day would be a great day to take matters into your own hands (without being told to by mom for once) and get to scrubbing the floors, cleaning the windows and vacuuming up the carpet. This gift will cost you nothing and will provide mom with a whole lot of entertainment and a clean house!

5) Plan A Family Outing

Whether you plan a day full of games in your backyard, a picnic at the local park or a hiking trip around your families favorite trail, mom will enjoy this time she is able to spend with you and the family.

6) Mom Spa Day

Set aside some time to pamper mom. Give her a face mask, paint her fingers and toes, warm her up some tea and treat her to a back massage. Rest and relaxation is a great way to spend her special day.

7) Scrapbook/Picture Album

Gather up your favorite moments between you and mom and put them into a scrapbook or a picture album. Mom will love being able to flip through this and look back on all of the memories your family has had together. This simple gift will be more meaningful to her than you would imagine.

We hope you find some of our Mother's Day on a budget gift ideas helpful. If you have any other ideas to share we would love to hear them!