Fitting Kids Shoes Tips

Getting your kids fit in the correct size and shoes can be a real challenge. First of all, trying to get the kids to co-operate can be a challenge. Once you get them ready to try on shoes here are some tips to make sure you get a good fit.

1. Get their foot measured. A Brannock device is used to measure feet. A special kids version is used to measure kids feet. Have them place there foot on the device with their heel all the way to the back (use left or right foot you can turn the device around to to adjust for either foot). Have your child stand up on the device. Move the adjustment for the ball of the foot to match the ball of the foot (the bump on the outside of the foot near the base of the big toe). You now can look where their toes go on the device to find the length, also check the length of the ball on the left. Now you can determine the proper length. Let's say the length said 12 and ball said 13. I would start trying on a 12.5. This is just a guide to start since all shoes fit different. Before you have your son or daughter take their foot off the device you need to also look at the width of the foot. There is a little slider on the right slide this slides in to the out side of the foot. This will give you a width. This is displayed in a letter width. A-EEE. A being very narrow and EEE being very wide. The C-D width would be a average. If possible get a sales clerk to help you as it will make the process easier. Ask questions and watch so that next time you can do it yourself.

2. Now it is time to try on some shoes. Remember we measured their feet and received an estimated size. I say this because all shoes fit different and you may wear different sizes in different styles of shoes. Pick out a couple pair to try on (I suggest trying on multiple shoes). Once you have the shoe on your son or daughter, have them stand up. Now we need to see where their toes are in the shoe. Press down on the front of the shoe and see where the end of their longest toe is (this may not be the big toe). You should have about the width of your thumb from the end of the toe to the end of the shoe. This may seem like a lot but kids grow in spurts and fitting a shoe smaller could result in the child out growing the shoe prematurely. If your son or daughter have narrow feet you may not be able to have this much space at the end of the shoe. You may have to fit them a little smaller to compensate for their narrow feet. Also if your child has wide feet you may need to go a little longer. This will give them a little more width in the shoe. Not many kids shoes come in widths. You can ask the clerk to show you what does come in wide or narrow widths, but your selection will be limited.

3. The next step after making sure the length of the shoe is good is to make sure the heel of the shoe does not slip. have your son or daughter sit down and take their foot, with the shoe on, and pull on the heel to make sure there is no slipping. Now have them take a stroll around the store and ask them if there is any part of the shoe that rubs or is to tight. The shoes should feel good before you leave the store! If you are not 100% sure of the fit take them home and have your son or daughter wear them around the house for a while to make sure they are comfortable before wearing them outside.
My final advice would be to go to a store where there is plenty of selection. Kids can be picky and having a good selection will help ensure that you get a pair that fits GOOD. Also make sure you go where their are clerks to measure your kids feet and help you fit the shoes correctly. You can use some of these tips to assist you in making sure the proper steps are taken to ensure a good fit. If you have any comments please post and sign up to follow our blog.