Rogan's Shoes Holiday Promotion: Winner

The Rogan's Shoes Holiday promotion is now closed.

We had 36 great stories that were shared with us, helping create a true holiday spirit to our blog page, and moving the grand prize to a $75 coupon from

***********AND THE WINNER IS***********

Congratulations to Pamela:

"My favorite Christmas gift was one my parents gave me the Christmas after I had my first child. I had been an infertility patient for years. So that Christmas they framed in a shadowbox as a gift the dress I wore home from the hospital when I was born, my baby beaded bracelet with my name on it, and a gold plated diaper pin someone had given me as a gift. It's the only gift that has ever made me cry."

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and be sure to keep checking both our blog and our Rogan's Shoes Facebook page for more promotions coming soon! Rogan's Shoes: We've Got 'em All!