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K-Swiss Tubes are hot. Check out the selection of K-Swiss Tubes Running Shoes, Training Shoes and more. The K-Swiss Tubes.

Tubes Run have been designed as the ideal all round training shoe for gym users, fitness classes and entry level running. Not only are they an extremely comfortable and technical shoe for fitness enthusiasts but Tubes also withstands the performance demands from world-class athletes, such as Ironman champion Andreas Raelert, who have adopted Tubes as their favorite cross-trainer.
The cylindrical tubing technology in the sole of the shoe works with the natural movement of the foot in motion providing support, stability and exceptional cushioning. The large engineered tubes on the outside of the heel absorb more of the impact on heel strike, while the smaller cylinders on the inside of the heel provide stability and reduce the risk of over pronation. The cylinders continue along the foot bed as you move providing exceptional cushioning and flexibility as you run or train.
The shoe is lightweight and has a breathable upper mesh combined with a synthetic lining to allow cool air to circulate during training.