Reebok Realflex

Reebok has launched their newest shoe technology. Launching this spring, we offer you a preview of the Reebok RealFlex. Footwear brands over the last year have been focused on creating runners that tailor to the natural shape and contour of the foot that almost make the shoe feel nonexistant. Merrell has done it with their Barefoot Trail Gloves, and Nike has done it with their FreeRun system. Now Reebok has entered the arena with the Reebok Realflex.

The Reebok Realflex accomplishes this by creating a multitude of strike zones for the foot through the disjointed outsole. By breaking up the outsole, the foot is no longer “forced” in one direction or another. That's because these running shoes have soles that are 20% lower to the ground as well as having 76 individual sensors that make up the sole. The sensors are designed to deliver multi-directional flexibility and an optimal foot feel no matter what the activity. A combination mesh and synthetic leather upper provides an unbeatable combination of support, comfort and breathability. Plus the form-fitting design and sock-like feel keeps you secure and performing at your best.

The Realflex from Reebok is one running shoe that's really in touch with your foot.

The Reebok Realflex shoes are available at all Rogan's Shoes stores and coming soon to