Rogan's Shoes Promotion Winner!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Rogan's Shoes "Leaving Your Footprint" Promotion.

**********************AND THE WINNER IS*********************

Pauline Milner

I take our little dog Bullitt to visit a nursing home twice a week. The residents look so forward to Tuesday and Friday mornings. He makes their day. He is so excited to see everyone. I bake homemade goodies to take with us, which is a real treat for the residents.

The baking has made me a healthier baker as I stay away from a lot of sugar and salt.

It is such a rewarding experience for everyone. Bullitt even gets up on the residents beds and into their laps on their wheel chairs for a snuggle.

It is great to visit these people as some of them get few visitors. The staff think it is incredible and they have seen a marked change in some residents who had traditionally been unresponsive before we started our visits.

On July 30th, Bullitt is hosting an outdoor picnic for the residents. There will be food and refreshments and we have hired a local band to play country music.



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