Winter Fashion at the Right Price - Bearpaw Boots

If you want the look of UGG winter boots with out the hefty price tag look at Bearpaw boots as an option. Bearpaw has carved out a niche by providing customers with comfort and sensibility that sets it apart from other higher priced brands. Classic boots dressed up with stylish details, novelty treatments in rich colors with specialty hardware. Styles feature an assortment of trims, embossed textured and printed suedes, buckles, straps and an exciting variety of sheepskin accents. To put it simply, Bear Paw makes great boots and shoes at a great price. Choose from Bearpaw Boots, Bearpaw Slippers, Casual shoes and more. Every Women should have a pair of Bearpaw sheepskin boots. Shop Bearpaw Boots click on the link below.
Bearpaw Winter Boots