New Eco-Friendly Shoe - newSKY from New Balance

The newSKY from New Balance is a minimalist, barefoot-inspired walking shoe that is designed to use the least amount of material possible while using 95% recycled material on the upper of the shoe. The recycled material is essentially used plastic bottles. To be more technical, the upper is made up of 95% polyethylene terephthalate, referred to as PET; New Balance uses consumed plastic bottles to produce the PET used in the newSKY. It takes about eight, 20 oz. water bottles to create the upper’s Eco-fi polyester fiber. The upper’s color is a grey tone with colored laces, a colored outline on the New Balance “N” and different small color accents that all match the color of the sole as you can see below. The sole is foam-based and about 14mm thick in the heel and 10mm thick in the forefoot. 

The newSKY should be worn without socks to achieve the barefoot feel. The foam sole gives just enough padding that if you step on a small rock it will feel like a bump and not a poke. The heel is reinforced with an extra layer of fabric for added durability. No removable insole makes the newSKY more comfortable while wearing without socks since there is no free material to move around. The newSKY from New Balance is a walking shoe that can be worn for everyday wear, going to sporting events, casual wear or gentle walks no matter the distance. They come in both mens and womens in an assortment of colors. 
Men's MW01GR

Women's WW01GP
Women's WW01GB

You can find your pair of newSKY New Balance walking shoes at a Rogan’s Shoes store near you or on the Rogan’s Shoes website.