Rogan's Shoe Buyer Interview - Women's Fall and Winter Fashion

Dave is a shoe buyer for Rogan’s Shoes. One of his responsibilities is to analyze what is selling well and what is up and coming in the shoe industry. His knowledge provides a valuable insight for the fashion conscience. I recently had a chance to ask him some questions about women’s fall and winter fashion. Here is what he had to say.
Q. I have noticed that there are a lot of women’s dress boots coming in with low heals. What can you tell me about this trend?
A. Dress boots have become such a staple for a woman that she is often looking to have a pair of boots that she can wear with any outfit. This has led to the variety in styling that has appeared in the last couple years. The low heels has happened in the last two or three years and often works well with the leggings that many women are wearing today.
Q. What other things should we expect to see in womens dress boots this year?
A. Variety is key. Low heels, “shooties” and grey boots have probably been the biggest trends in the last year.
(Life Stride Xcaliber pictured above)
Q. Will Uggs continue to dominate women’s boot fashion?
A. We have not seen any slowdown in our Uggs business. They still dominate. The 10 year run that they are on is unprecedented. It has also helped build up so many other brands in the fall season. This in turn has created a “cold-weather fashion” category that never really existed before.
(UGGS Ultimate Short pictured above)
Q. How do other brands that have a similar look to Uggs compare to actual Uggs?
A. We look at the category as though there are really two different price points and two different groups. There are the actual sheepskin uppers, like Uggs, or those boots that are leather but not sheepskin. Then there are the shoes designed to look like Uggs and the styles that are “cold-weather fashion” but do not look just like an Ugg. We look at these categories and try to fill each group with the best products and values to fit all of our customers’ wants.
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