Womens EMU Winter Boots

This winter, EMU Boots have your feet covered.  EMU Boots are a fashionable, but very functional boot for all types of weather.  They are made from water resistant sheepskin to combat any water stains that could occur.  The water resistant sheepskin will also keep your feet dry and warm all day and night.  The boots are also very breathable and are made to be worn without socks, your feet will still stay warm from the thick wool, but will also stay dry from sweat due to the breathability.  Try them without socks to maximize comfort!  The sheepskin-lined insole is made to maximize comfort and support, also, the insoles are removable and are replaceable if you find the need to refresh your comfort.  The molded heel cup is designed to create maximum comfort and create the best fit to your foot possible. The dual layered EVA rubber outsole is made to have flexibility, support and offers great traction when walking in inclement weather.  Each boot is double stitched for added strength and durability.  The boot fits true to the size you normally wear. If the boot feels tight at first, wear them and the wool will pack down to not only form to your foot perfectly, but also fit true to size!  Rogan's Shoes offers four different EMU winter boots.  Below is a picture and description of each:

Stinger Mini 

The Stinger Mini is the first EMU boot produced and sits just above the ankle.

Stinger Lo 

The Stinger Lo is the classic-styled boot that sits in the middle of the calf.


The Melba is an ankle boot that has an attached fashion button.  It also has a higher cut inside edge to offer a new fashionable look to your winter boots.

Angels Lo 

The Angels Lo style is derived from a biker boot that has an adjustable leather belt in the front to adjust the ease of fit to your preference.  This boot also has a plush raw edged scalloped sheepskin lining for added warmth and comfort.

Find an EMU Boot that fits you at one of our stores located near you or on the Rogan's Shoes Website.