K-Swiss Tubes Make Me WANT to Exercise!

I have recently started training for a 5K run in June. Now a 5K is only 3.1 miles so it’s not a marathon or anything. Though, for someone who hasn’t done much running (well none at all to be honest) I need all the training time I can get. I have a bad knee so it can be difficult for me on some days to even walk comfortably. I have found that the right pair of shoes helps.

I did some research for a new pair of running shoes that are reasonably priced. Having a tighter budget I came across the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 Shoes. There are many great running shoes, but are out of my price range. The K-Swiss Tubes fell right in the price range I was looking at. I first bought these shoes just to be my everyday shoes, because I do a relatively high amount of walking each day, and soon turned them into my running shoes. 
They felt different when I first put them on because of the Tubes.  I soon adjusted to them and they are incredibly comfortable. The Tubes allow for a lot of give and cushion and they spring you forward as you step. I have started running and training in them.  They do the same for me running as when I’m walking and my legs feel great while running. The K-Swiss Tubes are super lightweight and the fully mesh upper is so breathable my feet stay cool and comfortable. The Tubes provide the cushion and shock absorption I need so I don’t have to soak my knees after every run or training session.
Needless to say, I love my K-Swiss Tubes. They provide me with the comfort and cushion I need in a shoe without having to break the bank. I am going to get a second pair to be my everyday shoes. I will be running the 5K in the K-Swiss tubes because they are just that great. If you need a new pair of running or training shoes or just a new pair of shoes, I HIGHLY recommend the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100’s.

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