5K Update - The Actual 5K

I have been writing about all this training for a 5K I am supposedly doing, but I’ve never mentioned when and where I’ll be running a 5K. Well, I am still in the process of figuring that out. I know what 5k I want to run in, it’s The Color Run. The Color Run is not a race, it’s a run for everyone to enjoy and laugh while getting splashed with color along the way. The Color Run is not only a really fun 5K they have a Color Festival after each run and they help benefit a charity or charities in the area of the city a Color Run is taking place.
5 Spots to get Colored
There happens to be a Color Run in Racine, WI, which is close to me, but unfortunately I am unable to make it that weekend. The two I would really like to participate in are the Minnesota or Chicago Color Runs. The problem with these two is they are sold out. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they add spots to either of these runs.  If they do, I will be signing up without hesitation. I am considering taking a summer vacation that would allow me to run in one of the many Color Runs around the United States. Boston, New Orleans and Las Vegas top my possible destinations for a vacation/Color Run.
Too Much Fun?
I encourage everyone to get out and run in or volunteer at a Color Run and I’ll post if and when I will be running The Color Run!

Here's a video from The Color Run to show what the hype is all about: