Skechers BOBS Shoes

Women's BOBS
BOBS stands for Benefiting Others By Shoes. The Skecher BOBS is based off the one-for-one initiative path made popular by TOMS shoes.  If you are unfamiliar with this idea, here is how it works.  When you buy a pair of shoes the manufacturer then donates a pair of shoes to children in need in a variety of countries. In Skechers case, it is a two-for-one initiative. That means for every pair of BOBS purchased, Skechers will donate two pairs of shoes to children in need through the Soles4Souls charity (read more about Soles4Souls). This initiative is not a new idea by any means. In fact, they have taken alot of critisim about copying TOMS. Regardless of Skechers intention, this is a powerful way to allow the average consumer help put shoes on children's feet around the world.  Some of these children may have never owned a pair of shoes in their life.
Men's BOBS
These shoes are designed after the Apargata style found in South America. They are a slip-on shoe made with comfort, style and care in mind. The shoes upper are made from a soft canvas fabric with different stitching accents. A genuine leather insole gives you cushioned comfort and a flexible traction outsole prevents you from slipping. Skechers is globally minded by making the packaging out of recycled, Earth-friendly materials.

Kid's BOBS
Help two children receive their, potentially, first pair of shoes by getting a pair of Skechers BOBS today. You can find a pair of BOBS online at or at a Rogan's Shoes location near you.

*UPDATE* According to Skechers via Twitter, they have donated their first 1 million pairs of shoes via the BOBS shoe initiative.
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