Women's Reebok Realflex Running Shoes

76 "Sensors" On Bottom Of Reebok Realflex

Get in touch with your feet by getting the Women’s Reebok Realflex Running Shoes. The Realflex running shoes have 76 individual “sensors” that deliver multi-directional flexibility that all help to promote your foot’s natural movement. The minimalist, or “barefoot,” design gives you a low profile and low-to-the-ground shoe for better mobility. Minimalist shoes are made to make it feel as if you are running barefoot. Some shoes are more minimalist than others and the Reebok Realflex running shoes would fall right in the middle in terms of how minimalist a shoe it is.

If you aren't yet sole-d on the Reebok Realflex Shoes:
  • The mesh upper gives you support, comfort and breathability as well as ultimate softness, pliability and durability in a lightweight running shoe.
  • The Realflex forms to your foot and the sock-like feel keeps your foot securely in place if you are running barefoot in them.
  • The outsole is made of Reebok’s 3D Ultralite rubber giving you lightweight support by encouraging a natural footstrike with each step.
  • The polyurethane sockliner gives you underfoot cushioning for added comfort.

Reebok Realflex Running Shoes
The Women’s Reebok Realflex Running Shoe is designed to move and flex with you as you run, jump, train and stretch. Find your pair today online at rogansshoes.com or get fitted by one of our shoe experts at a Rogan's Shoes location near you.


  1. Give the salesperson information that will help him with his running shoe recommendations.

  2. Yes, it is always a good idea to do that. Telling a trained salesperson any foot ailments that you may have will help them make a recommendation that will work for you. Make sure to tell them about ailments like Plantar Fasciitis, Hammer Toe, Bunions, General Foot Pain, etc.
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  3. i like reebok shoe because always give good quality for consumers.

  4. We do have to agree with that! They are always keeping in mind what the consumer wants. Thank you for your feedback and visiting our blog!


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