Spring is on the way! Break out your running shoes!

Ready for warmer Spring weather? Well it's coming! And that means we can start being active again and get outside. But wait! Don't forget your running shoes! With so many shoes to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one will be the best for you. From lightweight, flexible shoes to the traditional, heavy cushioned shoes, how do you determine which one to buy? The answer is based on how you run.

Here is a more traditional, heavy cushioned running shoe. These shoes are mostly for heel-to-toe strikers. This means that as you run, your heel hits the ground first. It is cushioned from the heel and then to the mid and front part of the shoe to protect your foot from impact. Like this shoe? It is our Women's Avia A5360 Running Shoe!

Here is a newer, lightweight, flexible running shoe. These have minimal cushioning along the bottom. If you compare these two shoes, take a look at the heel on both of them. The heel is lower on the lightweight shoe. (just a different feature between them) So these shoes are for runners who are midsole or forefoot strikers. So if you strike the ground with the front or middle part of your foot, then take a run in these! Like this shoe? It is our Women's Avia A5919W Running Shoe!

Try this: Go for a run and see what kind of runner you are! Then you will know which running shoe will work best for you! Rogan's Shoes has a site-wide sale of 20% off going now! So take advantage of this deal!