Take a Hike in Proper Hiking Shoes

Better weather is on its way and if you love to go hiking through the woods and on trails, then you need proper shoes. Did you know that there are different types of shoes made for your certain hiking excursions? So keep reading and you'll find out which shoe you'll need!

Light hiking shoes: Low-cut models with flexible midsoles are perfect for a day hiking. If you are light-backpacking, these are good for long-distance journeys. It is said that 1 pound on your foot equals to 5 pounds on your back so whether this is true or not, traveling light feels better.                 

          Merrell Siren Sport 2 Hiking Shoes

Hiking Boots: Mid or high-cut models intended for day hikes or weekend backpacking trips with light loads. These boots flex easily but they lack the support and durability of backpacking boots.
Backpacking boots: These are designed to carry loads of varying weights on multiday trips for long distances. These are durable and supportive, with stiffer midsoles than lighter footwear.