Wedges or Heels: Which do you prefer?

                Are you a shoe lover? Are you in love with wedges or high heels?
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Womens Aerosoles At First Plush Wedge Sandals    VS    Unlisted All Natural T-Strap Prom Dress Sandals

You are shoe shopping and you see these two shoes next to each other and you stop and wonder which one to choose. Here are some things to think about before you decide:
  • Think about where you will be wearing the shoes. Are you going to be outside? Then maybe a safe bet would be to choose the wedges. Why? Walking in grass with heels can be a difficult task. The heel can get stuck into the ground every step you take. Another example is going to a beach wedding perhaps. Walking in sand will be very hard if you are in heels. Wedges have somewhat of a flat surface that will deal better in these types of situations.
  • Do heels give a more glamorous, elegant look? While wedges are more casual and can be worn as a summer sandal? What do you think? You decide!
  • Wedges are considered to be more comfortable because your entire body weight can rest upon the shoe. Ever walk in heels and the heel breaks? Or as you walk, the heel wobbles off and you twist your ankle? Just some things to consider!
  • Some say that wearing heels provide a long lean look that makes your legs look longer. So why add bulk when wearing wedges? Do you think this is true?

So what will it be? The wedges or the heels?

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Aerosoles At First Plush Wedge Sandal Unlisted TStrap Dress Sandal