All About Soccer Cleats!

Soccer cleats are an essential part of sports gear. Proper footwear helps any player perform better. When choosing cleats, the most important thing to look for is fit. If the fit isn't right, then the player may experience pain or have an injury.

The upper portion of a cleat is made from either leather or synthetic leather.

 - Genuine leather is typically used on higher-quality cleats. Real leather is softer and more flexible than synthetic. It also allows the player to feel the ball better and it provides breathability. However, these can be more expensive. Intermediate and advanced players will benefit more from soccer cleats made with genuine leather.
 - Synthetic leather cleats are less expensive, but they don't offer the same fit and feel as real leather. If you are looking to purchase toddler soccer cleats, then consider buying synthetic. 

The purpose of Cleats:
The studs on the bottom of soccer shoes are referred to as "cleats." These studs help soccer players grip the playing surface better. They also assist the player to get into a desired position without falling. Cleats also aid players to move quickly in short periods of time. The cleats are made of hard plastic or a rubber-plastic mix. (metal tips are banned because they can cause serious injuries)

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