Reconnect by Walking!

Walking is good for your marriage and can help reconnect couples one-step at a time. 

Think of walking in a new way:
  • Walking is a social activity and allows alone time and time to talk without distraction (kids, work, etc.,)
  • Helps reduce anxiety and makes you feel more calm. 
  • Helps the two of you to slow down from busy work schedules.
  • You may find that you both are able to discover solutions to problems and ideas for projects while walking.
  • While walking you both will be more aware of the sound of birds, the smell of flowers, and the trees. This awareness can also extend to your love for one another.
  • Is a low-cost, easy-to-do anywhere, year-round activity. The only cost is to have good, comfortable walking shoes!
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Try walking with your significant other and spend some alone time together. Do you think walking is a good way to spend time together? Leave a comment!