Tying Techniques: Lace Shoes Differently!

Ever buy a new pair of running shoes and they still don't fit perfectly? Well it might not be the shoe. The reason could be that the shoe is laced wrong. Here are some problems you may be experiencing and some ways you can tie your shoe differently to provide a better fit:
High Arches:
 This lacing technique removes the pressure points created when laces cross over each other on the center of the shoe tongue. 

Toe Problems:
 Threading one end of the lace diagonally lifts the toe box up to help relieve problems like hammer toes, toe-corns, bleeding toes and toe nail problems.

Heel Slip:
Use two short sets of laces (see the blue and green) to get a snug fit along the length of your foot. The first lace runs through the middle eyelets where you tie them off. The second continues through the last pair of eyelets.

So try these out and let us know if any of these techniques resolve your problem!