Batters up!

Spring is finally under way, so that means that is now baseball season! Even though some schools have already started their season or some people have already started their leagues, it doesn't mean that you can't get a new pair of baseball cleats! However, you have to make sure that you choose the right cleat that will help you preform well! Here are a few steps that you should follow when picking out your cleats.

Step 1: Make sure to read the regulations about what type of cleats you can wear before buying them! If you are buying for a younger child you might want to consider a molded bottom instead of a metal cleat. This will help from hurting your child and it will also help you with what direction you should go in when buying your baseball cleats.

 Step 2: Make sure to ask you coach if you are playing for a school, what type of surface you will playing on. This will determine what size studs you should be buying for your cleats. Harder, packed surfaces require short studs while softer, moist surfaces require longer studs.

Step 3: Make sure to measure your feet when going in to buy your cleats, this will ensure no slipping or rubbing of the cleat while running or playing. Another rule of thumb is to make sure to bring the socks that you plan on wearing for your games, this will ensure that you buy the best fitting cleats.

Step 4: Make sure to buy cleats that are made from leather rather than synthetic material. This will help with breathability of the feet and will likely last longer.

Below are some of the many different brands and styles that we offer here at Rogan's Shoes!

 Under Armour Leadoff 4 Mid Baseball Cleats

Nike Keystone Low Le Baseball Cleats

Reebok Prospect Low MRT Baseball Cleats

Adidas Hot Streak Low Baseball Cleats