Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day had been around for about 40 years now and is celebrated every year on April, 22. It has created an awareness and appreciation for the environment. Improving our environment is a step-by-step process, and Rogan's Shoes would like to thank you for supporting a cleaner, greener environment in any way you choose to do it. One way you might choose is by wearing Birkenstock's! These shoes always had a strong preference for natural and sustainable materials, such as cork and jute. This iconic sandal features a cork footbed, leather upper, and it’s really doing its part to save the earth. One of the ways it’s helping is through the recycling of all the scrap leather and EVA material used to create it. Have a great Earth Day!

Womens Birkenstock Florida Soft Slide Sandals

Unisex Birkenstock Boston Suede Clog Casual Shoes

Leave us a comment and tell us how you celebrate Earth Day! Do you like Birkenstock's?