First Shoes for Your Baby!

Babies don't need to wear shoes right away. Wearing shoes can actually get in the way of learning mobility. Walking barefoot helps your baby learn to balance. When dressing your baby, stick to socks or booties that will keep their feet warm, but keep him or her barefoot as much as possible.

For special occasions, your baby will need some dress shoes so here are some tips when choosing a pair of shoes:
  1. Flexibility: Make sure that your baby's toes have room to wiggle around in the shoe. Feel from the outside to see if they are too tight. Also, make sure that the inside is super soft for comfort. Bend the soles to reduce stiffness. 
  2. Breathability: Find shoes that have a breathable, lightweight material like soft leather, canvas or fabric. Don't buy plastic ones. These fabrics are flexible so your little one's feet can wiggle around easily.
  3. Roominess: Check the fit by having your child try on the shoes and stand up. Then squeeze your pinky between your child's heel and the heel of the shoe so you know there is some room. Because baby feet grow so fast, make sure you check every month.
  4. Type of shoe: Laces versus Velcro. Velcro makes it easier to get shoes on and off and you don't have to worry about re-tying the laces all day. However, your child may figure how to remove shoes and take them off when you don't want them to!