How to pick the right high heels!

High heels are probably one of the hardest shoes to pick out! There are so many different styles, heights, colors and the list could go on forever! Here at Rogan's Shoes, we put some tips to help you pick out the right high heels!

Here are a few tips to help you pick out a new high heel:

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First: One of the most important thing to do when going into a shoe store is to have your feet measured. It is best to stand and have you feel measured. You want to make sure that your foot fits into the high heel right so your foot doesn't move around. Also if the shoe fits right it will lead to a more comfortable high heel.

Second: Another important aspect of buying a high heel is comfort. When it comes to high heels, it is ofter hard to find that one heel that will leave your feet feeling great after and hour of wearing them.  The secret here, is to make sure you take the time in the store to walk around in the heels. We suggest 5  minutes or so, this will give you a little bit of a feel for what you will be dealing with. Another suggestion is the thicker the heel the more comfortable it will be, this doesn't mean that you should always be buying the thickest heel that you can find but that you consider first how long you will be wearing the heels.

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Third: Budget we feel is an important thing to consider when buying high heels. We feel that you shouldn't have to shell out so much money just to find the most comfortable heel, but to have a fun experience! Yes, this process will take some time to pick out the right heel but finding a deal on a super comfortable heel is even better when you took the time to find what will work best for you!

With the above tips, we feel like you would be on the right track to buying very comfortable high heels! Just remember it's all about measurement, comfort and budge that will be the key to finding the happiness in the adorable high heels! Remember don't just go with what you think looks cute, but make sure to take the proper time to pick out heels that  you will be able to wear out more than once!

Please check out our website, we have all types of high heels to offer! We offer so many comfortable styles that don't leave your wallet empty when you leave the store!!