Golfing Shoe Tips

Here's a little background about golf before you learn some golf shoe tips:

Golf is a precision club and ball sport in which golfers use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course using the fewest number of strokes. The game is played on a golf course, generally consisting of an arranged progression of either 9 or 18 "holes".

Good form, in golf, means more than how your swing’s working. It also means you understand the look and feel  of the game.

1. Wear proper golf shoes – not running shoes, or sandals! Just about every country club has switched from metal spikes to require soft spikes. Bring a pair of street shoes. You may be having lunch or a drink in the clubhouse afterwards. Change into your golf shoes in the locker room, not at your car in the parking lot.

2. Keep your leather golf shoes in good condition for proper golf shoe care. Treat with polish or silicone spray. Use shoe trees to hold shape during storage.

3. Remember that golf spikes come in two tread sizes. When replacing your golf shoe spikes, remove a spike and bring it with you when shopping for new golf spikes for comparison. It will save you time and trouble.

4. The shoes you're wearing when playing may not make a difference in how well you score, but they can help you keep your feet firmly on the ground when swinging at the ball. So make sure you are wearing the proper shoes!

5. Shoes without spikes work just as well and some say they are actually more comfortable. Most people prefer to wear the spiked shoes because it keeps traction when swinging and prevents losing footing. 

So, next time you go to play golf, wear the proper apparel as all golfers should! The shoes are the most important part of the outfit... according to us!

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