How to Choose the Right Track Spikes!

When it comes to running track the most important factor is making sure you have the right track spikes. The proper track shoe can be the difference between a better performance to preventing an injury.

Track spikes are designed for many different events such as sprinting, middle distance, distance, jumping, steeplechase and field events. All of these events need a spike that will help you out perform your competitiors!

Below are some helpful steps to consider when purchasing your track spikes!

Step 1: Before purchasing your track spikes, make sure you know exactly what event you will be running in order to avoid injury. This will also help in case your coach does not allow spikes or you happen to get placed into a different event then you were expecting.

Types of Track Spikes
Pyramid Spikes- Less aggressive on the flooring. These won't wear down as fast and have a good bounce. These are for cross country runners typically.
Needle Spikes- These generate great traction. Used on all-weather tracks.
Christmas Tree (Omni-Lite) Spikes- These are a mix between bounce (pyramid) and grip (needle). Sprinters like the combination of bounce and traction.
Tartan Spikes- These are dull needle spikes that are used for rubber tracks only.

Step 2: Visit Rogan's to look at all the different types of track shoes we have to offer. Ask any of our staff members if you have questions about which shoe will work best with your type of running.

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