Finding the Right Arch Support

It is important to find out which arch type you have in order to improve your foot health, comfort, balance, stability, body alignment and more. Your foot arch is formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones in your foot which help your body's stability.

Here are three types of arches:

Low Arch (Flat feet)
People with low arches have more flexibility which causes the foot to roll inwards and over-pronate. Flat feet are caused by nature and nurture. Having a low arch may run in your family or it may be developed by wearing improper footwear. If you have a low arch, there is a greater chance of developing heel pain, arch pain and plantar fasciitis. Insoles will help improve your foot health and create proper body alignment so you can feel good!

Medium Arch Feet

Heel Arch
This is the most common of arch types with some flexiblity and a defined arch. If you have a medium arch then it is important to wear proper footwear to allow toes to stretch out and for weight to be equally distributed. Having a medium arch can cause heel pain and ball of the foot pain (metatarsalgia) but having the proper support will help.

High Arch Feet

Ball of Foot Pads
Having a high arch in your foot will need the proper footwear to treat and prevent heel pain. The foot is very rigid with the high arch and there is excessive pressure in the rear foot and forefoot. Get excellent arch support, cushioning and metatarsal pads to help with discomfort.

If you aren't sure which arch you have, consult a podiatrist to find the proper insole orthotics. Then come to Rogan's Shoes for the best shoe selection!


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