How to Pick the Right Shoe to get the Job!

When it comes to preparing for your interview, you are marketing yourself as a product, so you want to have the best image as possible. However, you don't want to over do it and have the potential to give off the wrong impression.

Here are some tips when deciding on shoes to wear:
-make sure they aren't dirty
-make sure you can walk in them (avoid really high high heels)
-make sure they are in neutral colors
-avoid tennis shoes/flip flops

Men should choose similar styles of these shoes to go to an interview in: Leather shoes, suede shoes or black loafers. These look professional and show that you can dress well.

Mens Steve Madden Kanon Oxford Dress Shoes
Mens Florsheim Brenton Loafer Dress Shoes
Mens Born Bowie Slip On Casual Shoes

Women have many more options than men, however the same rules still apply. Shoes must be in perfect condition, not dirty or scuffed. Also it is best to not to wear bright colors or white unless you are a medical worker. Here are some in neutral colors that will work good for interviews:

Womens Jessica Simpson Calie Dress Shoes

Womens Madden Girl Unify Pump Dress Shoes

Womens Anne Klein Shevanie Dress Shoes

There are many more professional shoes to choose from at Rogan's Shoes so look online or in stores to find one that you like! Would you wear any of these shoes to any interview? Comment below!