All you need is Keds!

Is it just me or every time you think of Keds, you think of the stark white pair that your mother used to wear ALL the time? Well, for a fact my mother did and still does wear the stark white pair of Keds. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the poor white pair of Keds that I keep poking fun at but where have I been!?! These Keds pictured above are fabulous! We recently have stocked the shelves with the Champion Floral Keds! Those shoes are just so bright and vibrant they will add a splash of color to any outfit that you could possibly want them to go with! The same goes with the Champion Dot Keds and the snappy red Champion 2k Keds! Say goodbye to the once boring white Keds and hello to the new exciting fresh Keds! Plus, we have our 20% off any women's footwear, therefore, if you want to be the first of your friends to get these chic new Keds you won't have to feel bad for spending the money for them!

Are you a fan of the new Keds? We really want your input! Comment below! :)