Skateboarding Tips and Tricks

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Learning how to skateboard requires the right gear to start with. Appropriate skate shoes are the first step to good skateboarding because they are specially designed for the sport. The features in skate shoes have a number of functions, including prevention of bruises to heels, flexibility, and increased grip action and durability. We carry all the top brands: Vans, DC, Globe, Fallen, Osiris, DVS and more! Once you find the shoes that fit you, get on the board! You may also need a helmet and pads.

Here's some riding tips:

There are two ways to stand on a skateboard. Regular stance is where your left foot placed at the front of the board, pushing with your right. Goofy stance is with the right foot at the front of the board, pushing with your left foot. Try both and find the one that feels more natural.

Knowing how to stop is important as knowing how to go along. You can put all your weight on your back foot so the board drags along the ground otherwise you can take your back foot off and drag it on the ground beside the board.

A basic trick most skaters do is the ollie. It can be difficult for a lot of people so a kickturn is another basic trick. Kickturning is the name for when you need to turn quickly, so instead of simply leaning, you lift the front trucks off the ground and pivot. Learn about more tricks and keep practicing.

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