Fitting Guide for Cleated Shoes

Injury is at an all time high when you are playing rough and tough sports! However, the chances of keeping the injuries to a minimum when it comes to your feet is finding the right shoe to get the win! Here at Rogan's Shoes we make sure that we offer the most information for a person when it comes to finding the right shoe. This will not only make it easier on the customer when it comes to purchasing a shoe, but it will mean less trips back to our store for getting the wrong shoe! We have added a new informational guide to our website that will help customers when it comes to pick out the right cleated shoes to make sure you are an all star at your game! Here is a brief summary:

There are three most popular styles of cleated shoes: Soccer, Baseball and Football.

With soccer cleats there are four different cleat styles: Molded, Replaceable, Hard ground and Turf Cleats. The different styles are meant to be worn depending on the different ground you are playing on. Molded and Replaceable are meant to be used for outdoors where as the Hard ground and Turf cleats are used indoors on turf. When picking what cleat for soccer, always make sure that you know what type of field you will be on and then go from there. Also, when it comes to soccer cleats there are three different materials that are commonly used on the upper part of the shoe. They would include Kangaroo leather, calfskin and synthetic leather. Each of these materials provide pros and cons, so make sure to read the full description in our guide!

Football cleats come in three styles: Low cut, Mid cut, and High top. The low cut style allows a player to maneuver better and maximize their speed. Mid cut cleats provide support on the ankle but still allows easy mobility. High top cleats provide optimal support for your ankles and are made for power positions during the game. So when deciding which shoe to get, think about the position on the field you play and what support you'll need.

Baseball cleats come in four styles: Molded, Plastic turf, Metal, and removable. Molded cleats are shaped to form permanent plastic or rubber studs on the bottom. Plastic turf cleats have raised patterns on the bottom of the shoe that are shorter in length than on the molded cleats. They are best used for hard outdoor surfaces and field turf. Metal cleats are used in college and professional levels. They provide excellent traction and speed on the field. Removable cleats allow versatility so you can change the studs rather than replacing the entire shoes. Figure out what your needs are during the game and which cleat style will take you to your top performance level.

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