Tips for Back-to-School Shoe Shopping

If it's been months since you shopped for shoes for your kids; the styles have been changing, little feet have been growing, and they may need new shoes for new athletic activities. Back-to-school means lots of preparation so make the shoe-shopping part a little easier with a little help from us.

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The American Podiatric Medical Association offers these shoe-buying tips:
  • Always have your child's feet measured before you buy shoes. Children's feet grow quickly, so you shouldn't rely on a previous measurement. 
  • Opt for new shoes instead of accepting hand-me-downs. That will help ensure a better fit and avoid spreading germs, such as the fungus that causes athlete's foot.
  • If feet aren't the same size, buy larger so as not to squeeze the bigger foot.
  • Don't buy shoes that aren't comfortable. There should be no reason to "break in" a new pair of shoes.

Here are some tips for when your child is trying on a pair of shoes:

  • Bring the socks you generally wear walking to use while trying on the shoes.
  • Try on shoes later in the day or right after walking so your feet will have swelled.
  • If any part of your foot feels it is rubbing against a rough spot in the shoe or boot, try another pair or style. You are sure to get blisters otherwise.

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