Shoe Quiz: Which Shoe are You?

Are you looking for new shoes but you don't know which ones to choose? Take our quiz to find your style and check out the shoes we recommend just for you! Have fun!

1) When shoe shopping, you look for shoes that…
A.  Are comfortable.
B.  Will go with everything.
C.  Are unique and wild.
D.  Are the latest trend.

2) How many shoes are in your closet right now…?
A. 1-2 pairs.
B. 3-6 pairs.
C. 7-12 pairs.
D. Too many to count.

3) On a Friday Night, you can most likely be found…

A. Watching a movie.
B. Getting your nails done.
C. On a date.
D. Girls' night out.

4) My wardrobe consists mostly of…
A. Athletic clothes.
B. Tees and jeans.
C. Classic dresses and professional attire.
D. Fun skirts and colorful tanks.

5) Your walk would best be described as a….
A. Stroll.
B. Strut.
C. Skip.
D. Shuffle.

If you got...

Mostly A's: You're a Comfort Walker
You believe that if you have comfortable shoes, you'll be set for the day. You don't necessarily want the latest fashions or the most stylish shoe, but as long as they are durable and comfy, you're good to go! Here's what we recommend just for you:

Born Alvara Casual Shoes
Women's Born Alvara Casual Shoes
Softspots Tarin Casual Shoes
Softspots Women's Tarin Casual Shoes

Mostly B's: You're Calm & Cool

When it comes to shoes, you want something casual and comfy, but still want it to have a subtle style look. You know the latest trends, but don't want to be too "out there" so you keep it simple with a classic look. Here's what we picked for you:

Sperry Angelfish Boat Shoes
Women's Sperry Angelfish Boat Shoes

Cloud 9 Fresh Air 3 causal Shoes
Women's Cloud 9 Fresh Air 3 Casual Shoes

Mostly C's: You're Classic with Flair
You like to keep it simple, but with a touch of elegance. You like to feel pretty and love embellishments with eye catching details. You have simple classic elegance and show it every day. Here is what we have chosen for you:

Jessica Simpson Mugara Casual Shoes
Women's Jessica Simpson Mugara Casual Shoes
Vans Authentic Lo Pro Skate Shoes
Women's Vans Authentic Lo Pro Skate Shoes

Mostly D's: You're a Trend Maker

You're a free spirit that loves to take risks in fashion. You want shoes that will make a statement to show off your stylish side. You like to have fun and dress fun too! Here is what we have selected just for you:
Skechers Plus 3- Raise Your Glass Casual Shoes
Women's Skechers Plus 3- Raise Your Glass Casual Shoes
Unlisted File Away Shootie Boots
Women's Unlisted File Away Shootie Boots

Which shoe style are you? Tell us by leaving a comment below and share this with your friends so you can compare!