New Cleats For Football Season!

School is in session and the football season has begun. When you go to your teenager's home-games, you'll want them in the appropriate gear so they can play their best every game. Make sure they have the right football cleats on their feet.

Football cleats typically come in two different heights that each serve different purposes. Find which one that will work best for you:
  • Mid-cut cleats: Support the ankle without restricting the player's movements. These cleats come in a variety of different heights.

  • Play in any position with the Under Armour Saber Mid D football cleat. This shoe is all about comfort, durability and strength and will give any player razor-sharp moves and fast acceleration on the field.

  • Low-cut cleats:  Are the lightest and are typically worn by skill position players. Without the extended top, these cleats allow for maximum maneuverability. Because these cleats have a lower cut, they are used by players who want to utilize their speed.

  • Exceed your own expectations for the game in the Nike Land Shark 2 Low football cleats. Get excellent traction and flexibility while maneuvering on the field. You'll get enhanced support for better aggressive play.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I tell when my studs need replaced? They will look worn down. Check your studs to see if they are uneven; worn down studs can cause balance issues and pose a higher risk of injury.

2. What size replacement studs should I buy? First, check your league's rules and regulations; some organizations may have certain restrictions about stud size. Also, take into consideration what types of fields and conditions you will be playing on; different sizes work more effectively in different situations.


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