A Running Shoe for Durability - The Asics Gel Fierce

Running Shoes are among the most popular athletic shoes sold. They are lightweight, supportive and well cushioned. But not everyone who wears running shoes is a runner. A lot of people wear running shoes for everyday wear, work and fitness activities. A question we get asked a lot is what is a good running shoe with the durability for everyday or work wear. This is a great question because shoes that may be good for running may not be the best shoes for work or everyday use.

After doing some research we found a shoe that will do well in all categories. The Asics-Gel Fierce. This tough running shoe is built with durability in mind. Check out these great features:

  • Attenuates shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance.
  • Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.
  • A sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.
  • Provides excellent comfort and breathability.
  • The Gel-Fierce™ delivers a perfect blend of everyday styling and comfort for those demanding support, durability and stability.

Asics Gel-Fierce Men's Running Shoe
Asics Gel-Fierce
Asics Gel-Fierce Men's Running Shoe
Asics Gel-Fierce
So if you need a stable, durable running shoe check out the Asics Gel-Fierce and our entire selection of Men's Running Shoes at Rogansshoes.com.