How to Properly Lace Running/Athletic Shoes

Ever wonder what those extra holes on the top of your running/athletic shoes are for?

Most running/athletic shoes have an extra eyelet at the top (and set back) of the shoe. Most people just use this as an extra eyelet and lace their shoes up higher or they pretend that they are not there and do not use them at all.
There is a reason for these extra eyelets and we will show you how to use them correctly. The addition of eyelets are added to the shoe as a way to enhance the fit of a running/athletic shoe. To learn the proper way of tying your running/ athletic shoes, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Make a loop. To accomplish this put each lace into the last eyelet available (use the lace that is on the same side as the eyelet). You will then pull the lace until there is a small loop on each side. (See pictures for lacing details)

Step 2: You will then thread the lace end through the loop on the opposite side of the shoe. (See pictures for details)


Step 3: Finally you will pull the laces tight to make loops smaller, this will pull the sides of the shoe along with the back of the shoe tighter causing a snugger fit. This technique usually will help reduce the slipping in the heel of your running/athletic shoes. (See picture details below)

When you finish doing the lacing technique, you are then able to tie your shoe just like normal and head out for a run or off to play a sport.

Once you try this new lacing technique, please let us know how it worked out for you!

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