2014 Summer Trends for Women's Sandals

With summer almost underway it is time to make sure you are up to date with your sandals. Here at Rogan's Shoes, we have pulled together some trends for the 2014 summer season! Make sure you are willing to go for bold new styles as well as some of those styles that we just are not ready to give up yet!! Below are our picks!



They have been gaining popularity throughout the pass couple of summers, however, they are back! Gladiators are the must have sandals for the summer! If you do not have a pair of gladiator sandals, you need to get with the summer trend and get a pair for the summer! You will definitely not be out of style when you wear these!!

You thought that Birkenstock's where a thing of the past? Well, think again! With the sandal dating way back to the 1990's and even before, this hippie style sandals are now the latest trend of 2014! These sandals were entering back into the fashion scene last summer; however, now they are out in full force with different colors, patterns and styles! This is a trend that you do not want to miss!!

Chunky Wedge Platforms:
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Want to feel taller? Want to feel on top of the world? Well, the chunky wedge platforms are the sandals for you! No matter what outfit you are wearing, wedges are sure to compliment any outfit. With their ability to provide all day comfort, this is a sandal that you do no want to miss out on.

Embellished sandals:
Love sandals that have embellishments on them? Well, this is the summer that you should pull them out of the closet! The crazier the embellishments the better! With their own unique style in each pair, you will for sure turn heads when walking down the street in crazy embellished sandals.

What trends are you going to be following this summer? Comment below if you have different sandals that people should be wearing!