Athletic shoe fitting guide

It's that time of year when people decide to make the great choice to become more fit and active.  To help those who are trying to improve their lifestyle, we think having the right athletic shoe can be a difference maker in sticking to your goals. We gathered some of our best tips to make sure you choose the right shoe.
Skechers Flex Appeal First Glance Running Shoes - Womens Periwinkle
Our first tip about athletic shoes is that you get what you pay for.  We're not saying buy the most expensive or latest and greatest shoe if you are just starting out.  There is a difference between at $30-shoe and a $75-shoe.  For running shoes you want something that is made out of quality material.

Tip number two, know when to get a new pair of shoes when necessary.  Most running shoes need to be replaced after 400 miles of use. Other ways to tell if you need new shoes is if the traction wears off, the sole is worn out as well or the shoe becomes uncomfortable in general.
Asics GEL-Nimbus 15 Running Shoes - Womens Green White Yellow
Tip number three, shop at the end of the day is possible.  This will help make sure that the shoes will fit your feet when they are swollen from walking around.

Tip number four, do not assume you know your size shoe.  Each company does vary, a size 8 from Nike may not be the same as an 8 from Asics. You can have someone measure your foot to make sure that you find the right size right away.
Puma Voltaic 5 Hyper Running Shoes - Womens Turbulence Tradewinds Silver
Tip number five, do not buy a shoe exclusively from looks.  It may not have the support you need or be comfortable for long amounts of time.

Tip number six, make sure the shoe isn't too small or tight.  This may sound obvious but some shoes can't be broken in and this can lead to blisters and general discomfort.

What other tips do you have for finding the ideal athletic shoe? Share your thoughts below.

We hope these tips help find the most comfortable shoe for you. Come into our stores or check out our selection online for all of our athletic shoes.