New Year, New You, New Shoes!

We all know that with the New Year, comes a list of resolutions and a mentality that this year will be "your year". Most people succeed in the first month or two of the new year, but then start to lose either focus, motivation or simply get bored and ultimately give up before the year is half over.

With that in mind, we made a Pinterest board to help you out with the most common New Years Resolutions. It's filled with workouts to try, motivation, inspiration, organizational techniques, quotes and the shoes that will help you with your goals.

A great way to stay on track is to make sure you're rewarding yourself along the way. Did you launch your own business or get a promotion? Did you lose 20 pounds? Or finally finish that bathroom remodel and garage organization project? No matter the success, it deserves a reward.  A great reward. A new pair of shoes reward.

The Jessica Simpson Calie (first picture) or the Life Stride Vivian (second picture) is sure to be a great weight loss or work promotion reward for yourself. The red color of the Calie or the style of the Vivian will make the new you stand out, and they're fashionable enough to go with anything! Show off what you've worked very hard on to achieve! For more dress shoes, visit our website.

Jessica Simpson Calie - Womens Black

Life Stride Vivian Mary Jane Pump Dress Shoes - Womens Black

Did you and your husband finish a home remodel or finally organize that garage that has been a mess for years? Reward yourself for completing the task at hand with some great casual shoes for him or her. The Women's Dansko Elise Casual Shoes are sure to compliment your successes around the home and make comfortable weekend shoes when you're trading the work heels for something a little more comfortable to run errands in. The Men's Skechers Torrey Casual Shoes will serve as the perfect reward for helping around the home. Perfect for casual Fridays at work or a weekend full of errands and house work, they serve as a job well done.

Dansko Elise Casual Sneaker Shoes - Womens Black Purple

Skechers Torrey Lace Up Casual Shoes - Mens Grey Charcoal

Shoes don't have to be your only motivation. There are other ways to stick to your resolutions. Having an accountability partner gives you someone who wants to reach the same goal as you. Another great motivator is by having visuals around the house for yourself. Consider putting post it notes around your home to remind you of your goals. You can also make a collage of pictures relating to your goals. Slip ups are a natural part of a lifestyle change; don't beat yourself up over them. We all make mistakes. Just keep in mind that it takes 21 days for an action to become a habit.

Reaching your goals is always important. If your motivation is some new shoes, then check out our selection of shoes.  Remember that you can take on your resolutions. Happy New Year and best of luck to you! May your year be filled with many wonderful memories, completed resolutions and of course, new shoes.