Sandal Season Part 1: Flip Flops

Summer Sandal season has arrived, so we've developed a 3 part series to help guide you through your sandal purchases. This week, we're featuring flip flops!

When people think flip flops, they think of those plastic or rubber thong sandals that you can get for $5 or less. This has caused flip flops to have a bad rep over the years. Flip flops consist of so much more than that! While we sell those plastic/rubber flip flops, we also sell ones that are good enough to wear to work because of their decoration, or ones fit for a vacation due to the built in support.

Styles like what FitFlop produces are a great addition to your collection because of how much support they provide the foot with.

The FitFlop Lulu is a great choice if you're looking for both style and support. Great for casual Fridays at work or running errands on the weekend, you'll gain more support in the arch than most flip flops, which will keep you on your feet longer.

Another great FitFlop style is the Skinny Leather Flip Flop.

If you're looking for something a little bit dressier, the Jessica Simpson Garreth. This sandal has the perfect amount of bling to either be worn as a casual flip flop for the summer, or to be paired with a dress for a special event. It zips up the back for easy wearing.

Another great style is the Unionbay Cabanna Flip Flop

Have other members of the family to shop for? Search our entire selection of men's flip flops and kids flip flops too!

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