Food for Thought

Trust me.
I know how hard it is to keep a positive attitude throughout a long work week, especially when the weekend, or possibly a vacation, is right around the corner. There are always people that get on your nerves and things that get under your skin, but the first step to a better attitude is letting go of the negative! Here are some quotes to help you stay motivated throughout the day and to help remind you that you can do it, even if you don’t believe yourself at first.

Life is a roller coaster, and sometimes you might just be at that low point. The worst possible thing you can do is give up. Look around you. You have so much support, whether that is coworkers, family members, friends, or pets, everyone wants to see you succeed. Everybody has bad days, but that just means that a great day is right around the corner! The funny thing about life is that it goes on and it will be a great ride.

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Always-speak-and-think-kindly-of-yourself-Your-soul-needs-your-loveThis is a quote I need to start reminding myself of daily. Sometimes your biggest fan has to be yourself! You have to pick yourself up when you are down, and why not pat yourself on your back when you accomplish something. Lately, so many people have been bringing themselves down or thinking they aren’t good enough, but you need to hold yourself with more respect. If you don’t love yourself, no one else will want to. Why not love yourself and see what amazing things you can accomplish!

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Never give up on your day dream. There is never a prerequisite to achieving what you want besides your attitude. If you believe that you can do it, then you will. Dare to dream and dream whatever you want! The best ideas come when you set your mind to it and you resist to give up. When the risks are high, the success is usually magnificent!

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You can’t have the best day ever everyday of your life otherwise nothing would make those days so special! Unfortunately, there are negatives that happen everyday, but those things can’t distract you from the good that is appearing in your life. A smile, a text from an old friend, a compliment, or maybe you saw a dog on your lunch time walk are just a few examples of positives that can affect your day. Try to give these items more significance than the negatives and watch how quickly your mood flips (for the better!)

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This final quote for this post is probably my favorite one of all of these. Why not make someones day a little brighter? It does nothing to your day besides the benefit of putting YOU into a better mood as well. Helping to make someone else smile is one of the best things you can do for someone. You never know what someone is struggling with and sometimes all they need is someone to be there for them and say “everything is going to be alright.” There are so many people these days who want to bring people down that having one person to defy the norm and make someone feel included and special, is one of the greatest things you can do. Being a good person doesn’t cost you anything, but the rewards are priceless.
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Hopefully these quotes help to put you in a good mindset for the weekend. There are always negatives throughout a day, but you must remember to have the positives shine brighter.  Sometimes all it takes to turn your day around is to remind yourself that you are worth it! Smile to those who need a smile, but always remember to smile at the person in the mirror too! A positive attitude goes a long way and don’t get too caught up in the setbacks in life…because it goes on!