Time to Give Winter the BOOT?

Does it feel like winter is dragging on while summer seems further and further away from us? From having no snow over Christmas here in the Midwest, to having our cities turned into snow globes overnight, most of us can agree that we are more than ready for the changing of the season.

But, before we wish the winter weather away, why don't we take advantage of one great perk that comes with winter...BOOTS!

Sometimes, all it takes for an outfit (or a day) to go from DRAB to totally FAB is a great pair of shoes, more specifically a great pair of boots! So forget about the gloomy, winter weather and get ready to tackle the day head on.  From the sleek booties style to a dramatic over-the-knee cut, we offer everything that can spice up a look in seconds! 

Boot styles have flourished in recent years, enabling fashion trends to come about that can be unique to ones own identity. So why not take a great pair of boots and run with it! 

Here are some of our favorite styles:
  1. Looking to go for an edgy look? Then, you can never go wrong with our Unionbay Sheldon Ankle Boots. With the gold accents on the brown faux leather, these boots have become a trend you don't wanna miss out on!

         To complete this look, pair the boots with a cream colored sweater, army green jacket,          black pants, and your FAVORITE statement jewelry piece. Don't forget to wear gold to          help emphasize the gold in the shoe!

   2.  Since its seems like the winter sky is always gray and cloudy, let's add a pop of color to         our wardrobe! With our Bella Vita Zana Ankle Boot in Burgundy, we can get that pop of         color we are looking for without sacrificing the chic look of our outfit. This boot does               have a 3 inch heel, but it seems to shout, "Look out Spring! We're coming for you!" 

       For a put-together-look that could be worn for a day at the mall or thrown on after 8 am          yoga class before going to work, you can add skinny jeans that are cuffed right above            where the boot starts. By showing only a sliver of your ankle, you are drawing more              attention to the part of your leg peeping through, making your legs look slimmer! Pair            with a winter beige winter cardigan, white v-neck t-shirt and a bulky plaid scarf.

   3. Can't decide if you want to wear black or brown today? Why choose! With the                        Bandolino Cranne Tall Dress Boot, you can have the best of both worlds. This two-                toned leather style helps to add that extra flare to your outfit by pulling accents of brown        and black, to create an sophisticated style. 

      With this style boot, you can't go wrong with some knee high socks. Besides keeping             your lower legs warm in the brutal winters, these socks help to elongate your legs and           show off your unique personality with the many colors/designs. Add some jeggings, a           solid color shirt and a pastel faux leather jacket to create a sassy, but classy look.

  4. Dropping the kids off at school or maybe picking them up from soccer practice? Don't           sacrifice style for comfort when we have the perfect boot to show the other parents that         you're a part-time fashionista, as well as a full-time mom! With our UGG Akadia Ankle       Boot, your feet will stay warm in the sheepskin accents and you'll never want to take             them off!

      Go ahead, throw on some comfy pants, a half-zip sweatshirt and a vest and you're more       than ready to tackle the cold with class.

  5. Ready to take boots to the next level? How about over-the-knee? With our Chinese  Laundry Riley Tall Dress Boots, you can be certain that all eyes will be on you during            Date Night or Girl's Night out on the town. The stretchy back design of the shoe helps to        fit your body type while the black leather creates a smooth look.

     Tie these boots in with a chic faux vest with a classy black dress. Make sure the dress          goes a little above the boots (respectively) so you can show off the over-the-knee                  feature.

Even though winter seems to be dragging on, we don't mind that BOOT season continues! We hope we have a pair that suits your lifestyle and if you're not a boot girl check out the rest of our selection on our website


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