Tips to Tie Your Shoes for Success

As kids, we all learned the basic ways to tie sneakers: the simple bunny ear bow into a double knot. But, did you know that tying your shoes in a specific way can help your feet, legs and body feel better while exercising? Well it can! With just a few small tricks, you can help to enhance your overall running experience with the added bonus of looking cool while doing it! The featured shoes are all shoes that have newly been added to our website as well as in stores! I hope you love the fun colors as much as I did when I got to try them on! Listed below are four tips that I believe will create a difference in your life.
  1. Blister Prevention Style- Do you ever try on a new pair of running shoes and then walk around the store? The whole shoe feels nice except for one minor (eh, maybe major) detail—your heel keeps sliding out! Here is a trick I learned about 10 years ago when I bought my first soccer cleats. I told the man helping me that my heel wasn’t staying in place so he showed me how to tie the shoes correctly and it continues to be my “go-to” for tying my cleats before practices and games.
The featured shoe for this demonstration is the Asics GT 2000 4 Trail Running Shoes. These are a size women’s 8.5. 100_155211
To begin, make sure the shoe is laced how they normally are; the two laces should be even and then crisscrossing to opposite shoelace holes as you get closer to where your foot will go. Right before you get to the end, STOP! Does your shoe have an extra shoelace hole that you have honestly never used before? Have you been wondering why it is there? This hole has been called the “heel lock” or even “lace lock” because it does exactly this. It helps to lock your heel in place to prevent blisters, especially if you have small ankles.


Now, take your shoelace and put each lace into the “lace lock” on its corresponding side. This will create a loop and keep it like that. Don’t pull it all the way through yet because there is one more step!


Take the long laces on each side, which will be the end of the loops you just made, and place the tips through the loops on the opposite side. When you are done with that, you can pull the laces and you will feel it get tighter around your ankle, holding it in place!!
Finished Product: 100_155911

2. Soothe Pain from High Arch- For many people with high arches, there is a lot of pain in your feet and legs because your foot doesn’t absorb much of the shock from running. This is because only a small portion of the foot touches the ground due to their arches being so high. With high arches, you generally want little or no stability from your shoes and almost no arch support because you don’t want to add to the problem you already have. Conversely, when you have low arches, you would want more stability to help you foot from sliding inward when you run. Below is a trick we found helpful to relieve the pain caused from high instep and gives more room for the arch of your foot.
The shoe featured is Asics GT 1000 4 Running Shoe. This one is a women’s 8.5.
To begin, unlace the shoe until you get one shoelace hole away from the top.  You are trying to target the middle of your foot where your arch is the highest, so you don’t want to unlace it all the way. The shoe on tpictured is how you want both your shoes to look like to begin.
Now, you are going to thread the laces on the sides they are on, to the shoelace holes right below them. This will create a gap in the shoes that will allow for extra space and comfort.
From here you can continue to lace the shoes all the way down to the end. You have created room in your shoe, but if you need more space you can always make another gap in the shoe by repeating the step above another time.

Final Product:

3. Eliminate BIG Toe Problems- Unless you’re a foot model, I can bet that you don’t like showing your feet off to people. Personally, I have bunions.  Not only does this harm the appearance of my feet, but it also causes for some unwanted pain. There always things you can try to dampen the pain, and surgery is always an option, but maybe tying your shoes a new way can help to quiet the harsh feeling. By tying your shoes like this, your big toe is pulled away from the side of your shoe, providing more room so your foot isn’t squished. I’m tempted to start tying my shoes like this because just from demonstrating how to tie them, my bunions felt dramatically better. The shoe featured in this demonstration is Asics Gel Kayano 22 Running shoe in a women's size 8.5. To begin, untie the shoes all the way up to the top. You are going to be pulling the lace closer to your big toe to the opposite end shoelace hole, so you’ll want the lace closer to your pinkie toe to be longer.
Now that you have unlaced them all the way, take the short lace (closer to your big toe) and put it into the shoelace hole diagonal from it. It should be shorter than the half of the lace, but still long enough to tie a bow at the end. Then you will want to take the longer lace and zig-zag it all the way down the shoe, make sure you don’t skip a hole.

Once the shoe is laced all the way down, then you can tighten it as desired and you are ready to go!! Hopefully this helps to alleviate some pain coming from bunions or ingrown toenails.
Final Product:

4. Widen Those Shoes- If you have wide feet, you know the feeling of your feet being squished in shoes. There is not always a simple solution, but buying wider shoes does help. Here is a trick we found that can help to make your shoe feel wider to help your toes breathe!

The shoe featured is Asics Gel Cumulus 17 Running Shoe in a women’s 8.5.

Start by unlacing your shoes all the way to the top. You’re trying to create the most room possible so you don’t need any crisscrossing laces up closer to your toes.  When you have done this, then you are going to take the laces and put them in the shoelace holes in their sides underneath the material.
After that, you are going to want to do the exact same thing but on the top of the shoe material. You should make a loop and then pull the extra lace through the hole (see below).

To finish this design, you will lace the shoe normally, crisscrossing the shoelaces all the way down until you deem it acceptable. This helped to create more space in the widest part of the foot, hopefully making it more enjoyable to wear running shoes!
Final Product:100_160016
Hopefully these tips help enhance your running experience! They will not solve any serious problems that you have with your feet (my bunions for example) but they will help to relieve the pain for some time! Don’t be afraid to mix and match techniques for your own personal style! Remember, if you have any pictures of running outside this spring, don’t forget to tag on Instagram #SpringFeverReliever so we can check them out!


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