Spring into your Run

Now that winter is finally over, it’s the perfect time to get our sites set on running in the great outdoors again. No more winter boots, or bulky jackets because we have fresh air, new running shoes and getting back into the swing of things to look forward to. Spring is always a very busy time in the shoe industry with shipments of new sandals, casual shoes and athletic shoes almost daily! So far we’ve discussed some of the major updates that Sperry Shoes have gone through before their debut this season.
Some of the most noteworthy products that we have gotten in thus far definitely fall into the running shoes category, with brands like Asics, Saucony, Brooks and New Balance being among the front runners. There are new color combinations and updated versions of shoes being added to our shelves continuously.

Brooks Feature
Here’s just a few of the notable arrivals of the Brooks brand that we’ve gotten in.


Similarly, here’s a great collection of updated Saucony shoes to choose from.

One thing to remember is that brand name is not the end all, be all question to ask yourself with running shoes. You want to make sure that you get a great fit and that you’re going to get the support that you need. When you’re shopping for a running shoe, take into consideration whether or not you pronate when you walk. If you tend to overpronate when you walk or run, you will benefit from getting a stability shoe, such as the Brooks Transcend 3 pictured above. If you don’t have a problem with pronation in your stride, a neutral shoe is going to probably be the best option for you. With so many styles to choose from, make sure that you’re allowing yourself plenty of time to shop at the store when you’re trying them on, especially if it’s a brand you’ve never had before. If you wear an orthotic or any kind of special insoles regularly with your shoes, don’t be afraid to take them shopping with you! If it doesn’t fit in the store, it’s not going to fit when you’re home, so keep that in mind. Still a little unsure of how to properly fit yourself in some running shoes? What does neutral and stability shoe actually mean? Take a look at the Rogan’s Shoes Best Fit Guide below for some more help. This guide was developed in house and will help answer some of those technical questions for you.